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The Proud & Headless!

  Headless, they roam the world filled with hollow pride, Nothing to haunt their steps or slow down their stride! Thoughtless, though they believe that they think & achieve, Every message they send out, no one truly wants to receive! … Continue reading

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A Dash of Narcissism?

Wide brown eyes that pierce the soul with questions,Dark covers comfortably lay over a beautiful mind… Pulling me into multifarious different directions,Taking me onwards, somehow erasing behind… Wordless – Painless. Unintended. A dash of narcissism…A pinch of egoism… And a … Continue reading

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Feel Me, Read Me, See Me

Photo By: Beirut   Read me like a puzzle; with all of its missing pieces, Like a children’s book which you read to your nieces!  Dive into my complications… Live my realizations… Hear me like a lullaby; see how two … Continue reading

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A Cradle for My Sleepless Soul…

In you, I have unearthed a cradle for my sleepless soul, I’ve found you a temporary escape into my heart’s parole!  With you, I float in an air of lightness and a hushed serenity, I’ve found you a branch to … Continue reading

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Words from Experience…

I wish I knew these things before… I would have done so many things differently… I have learned to cherish every moment I have with a good friend because life happens and all that is left are memories of great … Continue reading

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Positivity with A Twist!

Image By: Eric Clapton Many people define being positive by one’s ability to see things in a “good” light regardless of how bad or ugly they are. They estimate a person’s positivity by how much pain, disrespect, anger and stress … Continue reading

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More Power to the Donkeys!

The topic of animals and their rights has been circulating my head recently. Since many people out there dare to compare humans to animals, and since this comparison has been made in front of me a few times lately, I … Continue reading

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