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Blinded by Utter Darkness

Never thought that darkness could be blinding, Or that its chains could be so damn binding! Never imagined I could feel this way once more, Another shattered window & one more broken door. I try to convince myself that I’m … Continue reading

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Early Morning Blues

Puffy eyes don’t lie, Ever cried in your sleep? Waking up with a sigh, From an ache so damn deep! Bloated souls don’t rest, Plagued with a thousand hells, Burdens piled on your chest, Anger charging in your cells! Clawed … Continue reading

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Mom: The Spring of My Life!

It is not a coincidence that Mother’s Day marks the first day of Spring; I believe it was was fixed this way on purpose since moms are the spring of our lives 🙂 On this special day, I’d like to … Continue reading

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When You’re Gone

  When you’re gone, I swear I won’t shed a single tear, God knows I’ve shed hundreds when you were here! I’ll wear colors all bright and fun, Go to the beach & tan in the sun! When you’re gone, … Continue reading

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Feel Me, Read Me, See Me

Photo By: Beirut   Read me like a puzzle; with all of its missing pieces, Like a children’s book which you read to your nieces!  Dive into my complications… Live my realizations… Hear me like a lullaby; see how two … Continue reading

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I Long for You…

I long for you…  For the endless nights, For the shallow fights, For the dimmed lights… I long for you… Every morning when I open my eyes, Every time I try to mute the sighs, Often, when I am consumed … Continue reading

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She Gave Him Love…

She knew how he was, She knew he would leave. She know he was going to break her heart, His web she waited for him to weave… She gave him love, She loved in vain! He played her like a … Continue reading

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