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Skimpy Supplies of Optimism

“What is important is not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us.” Jean-Paul Sartre I have come to acknowledge the fact that life is more complicated than we’d like to believe it is. To … Continue reading

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The Analogy of the Fly!

Every single day, I developed a habit to take a few five minute breaks during work hours, head down to the garden outside, stand there in silence and observe nature, closely, deeply… On each day, I see something within the … Continue reading

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The Allegory of the Circle!

Somewhere across the hollow horizons, in places that we don’t see, life is going on. Things are in constant motion and the world is spinning, never will it stop to wait for anyone! Sometimes, our own little world pauses, it … Continue reading

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How Sane Are We?

Caution: This is a long post and the ideas discussed in it are strictly personal… They will make you think of things, strange things, but in the end, they are opinions and you have every right to disagree! One of … Continue reading

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The Cleaning Lady…

It was just another day, and she dressed to go to work, Her long dark her she tied up in a bun… As she stole a glance at her watch, she gave a little smirk, She was late and she … Continue reading

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Grains of Sand…

People are like delicate grains of sand…You grab some and hold them in your hand… Many you will lose, they’ll slip along the way…Many will creep between your fingers day by day… The tighter you squeeze, the more they’ll rebel,When … Continue reading

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Rising to the Occasion!

It was night time… They both have missed each other for so long… At least she was certain she did! Upon seeing each other, they moved closer, embraced each other, craving the warmth of this embrace, wanting more, desiring one … Continue reading

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