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The Story of A Raped Heart. Part 1

Each and every one of us has many stories to tell. In my case, there is just one that I would like to share: The story of the man who broke me down and changed who I am, mentally, physically … Continue reading

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After the Storm…

The silence after the storm is deafening: no hum, no sound,All the pieces of everything have fallen dead on the ground! The stench of the past still covers every inch of the place,The wetness of the heart’s rain occupies the … Continue reading

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Loneliness & the Tight Box…

Allow my to start this piece by stressing the following facts: I am 26 yet feeling as if I am living my 50 year-old mother’s life. I am struggling with a bunch of past and present related issues that seem … Continue reading

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Another Night…

One too many nights have come by, knocked at my hope’s door, and simply, just like a dream, gone away… and he didn’t show… Last night was no different… To better suit my disappointment and his absence, I rearranged the … Continue reading

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The Analogy of the Fly!

Every single day, I developed a habit to take a few five minute breaks during work hours, head down to the garden outside, stand there in silence and observe nature, closely, deeply… On each day, I see something within the … Continue reading

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Your Love Was Holding Me Back…

I admit, it was not your fault or mistake that you held me back,It was not your problem that loving you got my life off its track! I know, it is not an excuse that I fell apart every single … Continue reading

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Sweet Lost Love of Mine!

Written March 17th, 2009 She sat there, thinking of a lost love, pondering upon the days… In between the calamity that occupied her mind and soul, she wrote: How I miss the warmth of your passionate love words said with … Continue reading

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