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Deceivers Inc.

We have a saying that goes something like this: “You live a lot, you see a lot”, and I think recently I can finally say: I’ve seen most of it, at least when it comes to the bad side! In … Continue reading

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The Hard Way…

Introduction… As a person who NEVER got ANYTHING on a silver plate, I should have known better than to expect things to be easy and for problems to, eventually, solve themselves with time! I was wrong, and I won’t be … Continue reading

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Words from Experience…

I wish I knew these things before… I would have done so many things differently… I have learned to cherish every moment I have with a good friend because life happens and all that is left are memories of great … Continue reading

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My Friend at Heart..

Whether you choose to talk to me or not, you will always be my friend at heart,I miss you so much it hurts, as tears fall over my face and rips my smile apart! How could you be so distant … Continue reading

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Mending Bridges…

Break free from clings like desperation,Place your faith ahead of you; find your destination. Toughen up; don’t wait for a helping hand to save you,Sober up from your dreams; or you’ll never come through. Some will blame you and others … Continue reading

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Relationships: Celebrating Failure!

It has been a while now since I wrote anything personal… I have been so caught up in my articles for the magazine, which although can be very interesting and challenging yet have to be void of private feelings or … Continue reading

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An Endless Stream…

A stream of questions attacks me now and all I can do is taste their bitterness… I breathe out cautiously in order to safely free them from my mind which is holding them captive… How could you hold on to … Continue reading

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