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Loss of Senses

Eyes so wet on the inside, lips so dry and alone. She carried the weight of her anger on her shoulders and straight ahead she walked. Unable to look forward and scared of looking back. She was stuck in a … Continue reading

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One Wish…

If I had just one wish, I wouldn’t wish for money, I wouldn’t wish for love, I wouldn’t ask for fame, Or seek power & authority… If I had just one wish, I would wish to be free of feelings; … Continue reading

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Deceivers Inc.

We have a saying that goes something like this: “You live a lot, you see a lot”, and I think recently I can finally say: I’ve seen most of it, at least when it comes to the bad side! In … Continue reading

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Little Fat Liar

A little fat liar knocked at my door, I didn’t recall seeing him before! I opened my door & let him inside, Never choosing to look behind! The little fat liar broke my home down, I begged him with tears … Continue reading

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Feel Me, Read Me, See Me

Photo By: Beirut   Read me like a puzzle; with all of its missing pieces, Like a children’s book which you read to your nieces!  Dive into my complications… Live my realizations… Hear me like a lullaby; see how two … Continue reading

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Positivity with A Twist!

Image By: Eric Clapton Many people define being positive by one’s ability to see things in a “good” light regardless of how bad or ugly they are. They estimate a person’s positivity by how much pain, disrespect, anger and stress … Continue reading

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After the Storm…

The silence after the storm is deafening: no hum, no sound,All the pieces of everything have fallen dead on the ground! The stench of the past still covers every inch of the place,The wetness of the heart’s rain occupies the … Continue reading

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