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Loss of Senses

Eyes so wet on the inside, lips so dry and alone. She carried the weight of her anger on her shoulders and straight ahead she walked. Unable to look forward and scared of looking back. She was stuck in a … Continue reading

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The Sky Cries, Yet Again…

Stupidly, she thought the tears would seize, She thought: Finally my soul will be at ease. Yet as the pain strikes her heart & being, Her eyes tear up deforming her sense of seeing. And as the wet tree sways … Continue reading

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Watch Out: Maniac Drivers on the Loose!

If you have been a follower of my blog and my writings, you will sure find a 180 degree change in my style when reading this post: I have decided to take an abrupt shift from matters of the heart … Continue reading

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Little Fat Liar

A little fat liar knocked at my door, I didn’t recall seeing him before! I opened my door & let him inside, Never choosing to look behind! The little fat liar broke my home down, I begged him with tears … Continue reading

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Yellow Heart

My wilted yellow heart aches, My nightmare never breaks… Like an infinite ride, I run and you hide! The ache is too painful, Your words, too hateful… The sorrow eats me away, How long will your record play? Nothing but … Continue reading

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Outside My Plain Old Door!

Life so carelessly continues outside my plain, old, wooden door, It seems like I have been locked up in here longer than time!The voices of those on the other side haunt me; too loud to ignore,And the memory train follows … Continue reading

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Room 602

Words… Don’t they ever end?&Silence… Doesn’t it ever get bored?&Thoughts: Millions of them, hovering around my squeamish head… An empty soul & a full head: A great recipe for suicide! Yet…It never ends. It seems like it never will… This … Continue reading

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Do You Not See Your Selfishness?

“Do You Not See Your Selfishness”? he asked, as the physical pain ripped her guts apart… How dare she wake him from his dear sleep just to plead for a temporary cure?How could she bring herself to dial his number … Continue reading

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I Used to Call for Breast Equality!

“It’s too hot, I can’t breathe“, she replied with a muffled whisper while holding her tears of frustration down to the grounds of her worn-out mind. All the empty and loaded thoughts that circulated her sleep-deprived being were knocking hard … Continue reading

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Reds, Blacks & Whites…

Reds, blacks and whites are the colors I see; no greens, no blues and no grays! I open my eyes every morning and wait for my mind to quit the games it plays! For a heart that never was cured … Continue reading

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