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Loss of Senses

Eyes so wet on the inside, lips so dry and alone. She carried the weight of her anger on her shoulders and straight ahead she walked. Unable to look forward and scared of looking back. She was stuck in a … Continue reading

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Cruising Around My Mind

Photo By: Outlived I’ve been cruising around my jaded mind, Trying to drop off the past somewhere behind. I’ve been dancing with my countless fears, Playing hide and seek with those damned tears. I’ve been singing love songs to no … Continue reading

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What “Red” Do You See?

Recently, a heavy and somewhat dark realization smacked me right in the face. It actually felt like a train ran me over and yet I managed to survive bearing the lingering aches, pains and bruises that such an accident would … Continue reading

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Trapped in Limbo…

In my own mind, I wake up trapped, Just like I did when I fell asleep… The world is a movie that I watch while wrapped, In endless thoughts that scream and weep! Like a leafless tree I stand tall … Continue reading

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Little Fat Liar

A little fat liar knocked at my door, I didn’t recall seeing him before! I opened my door & let him inside, Never choosing to look behind! The little fat liar broke my home down, I begged him with tears … Continue reading

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Yellow Heart

My wilted yellow heart aches, My nightmare never breaks… Like an infinite ride, I run and you hide! The ache is too painful, Your words, too hateful… The sorrow eats me away, How long will your record play? Nothing but … Continue reading

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A Dash of Narcissism?

Wide brown eyes that pierce the soul with questions,Dark covers comfortably lay over a beautiful mind… Pulling me into multifarious different directions,Taking me onwards, somehow erasing behind… Wordless – Painless. Unintended. A dash of narcissism…A pinch of egoism… And a … Continue reading

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