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The Hard Way…

Introduction… As a person who NEVER got ANYTHING on a silver plate, I should have known better than to expect things to be easy and for problems to, eventually, solve themselves with time! I was wrong, and I won’t be … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

How to get away with… just about anything!

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A Cradle for My Sleepless Soul…

In you, I have unearthed a cradle for my sleepless soul, I’ve found you a temporary escape into my heart’s parole!  With you, I float in an air of lightness and a hushed serenity, I’ve found you a branch to … Continue reading

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Smoke: It’s You That I Long to Be…

Darkness… A match, a sparkle, a rather nauseating scent and the candle is lit… And then there is light… Two lovers in twine, or maybe even just a group of friends fighting the electricity cuts! Whispers, laughs and cheers,Or maybe … Continue reading

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Looking for A Home…(2)

I’m looking for a furnished home with the following specifications: 2 spacious bedrooms where love paints the walls, good memories are created and smiles echo in every corner. 1 cozy living room with couches that can comfortably accommodate family and … Continue reading

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Looking for A Home…(1)

Looking back, way back…When I didn’t have any white hairs whatsoever,and my hair was still its natural color.When I still bit my fingernails whenever I got frustrated,and I had a low self-esteem that was inflated!When I used to run around … Continue reading

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