Watch Out: Maniac Drivers on the Loose!

Maniac Drivers

Maniac Drivers

If you have been a follower of my blog and my writings, you will sure find a 180 degree change in my style when reading this post: I have decided to take an abrupt shift from matters of the heart and soul, to more practical ones – just out of pure and profound general to specific frustration!

Today’s topic will be: Maniac Drivers on the Loose!

I am sure that while driving, each of you ave encountered some strange and unorthodox driving styles and behaviors – no one is a prefect driver after all!

However, I have recently came to the conclusion that some people should be banned from driving, under any circumstances. They are those people that make you wonder: how in God’s name did they ever get a driving license in the first place…

Allow me to share with you this ugly experience which I’ve had just yesterday night while driving back home (totally sober and in a calm-ish mood).

So, I’m driving at the required speed, on my lane, seat belt on – as usual – listening to music, phone aside, focusing on the road – just like any normal human being should do while driving. Out of the blue, some crazy girl (don’t know if girl is the right word here) seems to have forgotten o switch lanes and decided, all of a sudden, to drive into mine without prior notice!

Now, up until then, I was still calm, on my lane, driving and holding onto what’s left of my sanity. I beep once she doesn’t move. I look at her, she is not even looking at me – she is looking straight ahead like a zombie on a mission and she is still driving – 2 inches away from driving into my car!

On my other side, there are cars, and behind me as well. No place to run…

I look at her again, she is still looking ahead, as if no one in the street exists except her.

I brake and let her pass right before she bumps into me – taking the risk of the car behind me crashing right into mine!

Two seconds later, there we are at the the roundabout, I see a policeman and I stop to report this maniac. She sees that and makes a run for it!

Now I’m shaking and crying while his fellow policeman decides to make a move on me and asks me to stay so he could check me out and get my information…

The thing is, if I had let that crazy so-called girl hit me, it would have been her fault, 100%. I was just afraid of being forced to undergo the painful process of calling the patrol police and having them hit on me!

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

What do you think? Ever had similar experiences? Looking forward to your comments and stories…



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