Swing Me More…

I’ve heard many expressions and words that were used to describe the life we are living: some call it a box of chewing gum, others call it a box of chocolates. Some condemn their lives by calling it a roller coaster while others call it a never ending stream of pain. However, one of the most interesting ways to describe life is by comparing it to a swing:

Can’t find the ground with my feet,
It’s hot here and I can’t stand the heat,
Feels like I’m stuck forever on this seat,
I call for help but no one is out on the street!

The swing keeps swinging; day in and day out,
Your voice is muffled by the wind; don’t try to shout,
Nothing is certain so you hold on to doubt,
The fear is so dry; it redefined the drought!

Next to me lies an empty seat and I long for you,
It’s sad how I sit alone although it’s meant for two,
I kick real hard and somehow I drop my shoe,
Nothing changes: I’m on the swing, the sky is blue!

Forever I try to maintain momentum and adjust the pace,
Yet every time I close my eyes I see your beautiful grace,
With every kick I try to catch the memories, with every chase;
And every time I almost do, I’m haunted by your lost face!

On the swing and I am bored of swinging up and down,
One day with a smile, many others with a sad frown,
I take off one black dress to put on another black gown,
I play by the rules yet end up feeling like a clown!

The ropes of the swing are getting old,
It’s getting late and it’s getting real cold,
I cuddle up, I fold then unfold,
Just like any story that has never been told!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to Swing Me More…

  1. Love this one! The imagery is strong and the ability to hold the rhyme together without losing the flow or becoming forced is impressive.

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