Outside My Plain Old Door!

Life so carelessly continues outside my plain, old, wooden door,
It seems like I have been locked up in here longer than time!
The voices of those on the other side haunt me; too loud to ignore,
And the memory train follows me with thoughts not so sublime!

I have been down this road before, yet every time the pain is in a unique form,
The way my heart aches change: worn, broken, battered and sometimes torn!
It’s like a summer with an infinite scorching sun, a winter with an endless storm,
Just like an infant who was never really made, conceived, or was actually born!

Decisions need to be made but my head feels light; bordering insanity,
Losing control of the steering wheel; can’t see ahead, can’t see the sides!
Running away from nothing and everything; fighting for my humanity,
Dipping into the shallow ends of the sea yet unable to survive the tides!

If I was a red rose; I’d be brown and wilted with burdens by now,
Yet somehow I manage to seem as if everything is just alright!
I take the slaps to my face, I take the blows and survive them somehow,
I tremble and fall and get up again trying to make it to the light!

Yet the light gets dimmer, the battery seems to be running out,
The tunnel seems to be getting longer and the car is low on gas!
I have so much but I lack what I can never do without,
And you expect me to believe that: “This too shall pass”?


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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4 Responses to Outside My Plain Old Door!

  1. This is especially sad. It makes me want to reach out and give this person a hug. It makes me wonder what terrible things could drain a person to that depth, with no hope left. So sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    true, a hug is in order, bass iza btmid idak bikssera

  3. BeeBee says:

    I wish a hug could make it better!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How can you mend a broken heart? How did you put this spell on me? The thrill is gone and so is my game, but is it okay to feel the pain? My saddness gets dwarfed by the mysery of others and I rank at the bottom of the chart of pain. Yet, I always ask. Who will comfort me?………….Toni Bantaloni

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