6 Billion, I Only See 1

I was just listening to a song which basically says: “I know there are other women out there, I don’t need you to remind me. Yet, I still want to be with her.”

A few ideas crossed my mind and I would like to share them with you…

The common cliche that people use to “comfort” others after a relationship dies is: “There is a lot of fish in the sea; you can easily find someone new.

While logically that may be a sound deduction since it is a fact based on the real number of the world’s population, sadly, it is still not always the case. Sometimes, and maybe even rarely, the other fish in the sea hold no real value; thus they don’t really count!

Let’s assume you like salmon. It is your favorite fish! Let’s actually assume you don’t eat any other kinds of fish. Then, logically, all the other kinds of fish are not of interest to you, therefore, you have just eliminated thousands of the fish in the sea!

Let’s also assume that you like the salmon grilled, not fried, not raw, just grilled. Here, you also reduced your scope of preferred salmon in the places where you might go eat it!

But there is more!

Let’s assume that you are picky with your food and you don’t eat pasta for example. You have again narrowed down your options to certain ways in which you could eat your salmon: salads and platters.

Let’s also assume you have enough information about different restaurants that serve salmon. Here, based on your budget, preferred atmosphere and location, you have eliminated tens of options that were available to you naturally.

What I am trying to say is as follows: It is really easy to meet new people, find things in common with them, have a good time and maybe even develop some kind of bond with them. However, there are so many others factors that decide if those new people help you “get over” that one person that you have once loved so dearly.

Factors such as perception, feelings, willingness and so on play a very important role to where we face our own selves and on how easily or not we are able to make a conscious decision to stop liking salmon and move on to chicken!

Hunger is not a good enough reason: How could you be picky about what goes into your stomach but not about what goes straight into your soul?

Although others might disagree!

Enjoy your favorite dish!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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