Strip Poker!

You called the game then called the shots: Strip poker it was!
Not that I don’t mind nudity or enjoy it in any way, but as always, I let you lay down the rules and I promise to play by them to the last breath and whatever it takes! Occasionally, you would change the rules and forget, but that was fine, as they say: “rules are meant to be broken!”
So we sat down, for many many months, and played your game, your way!
And the stripping began:
First round: I had to strip out of my ego; you made me feel bad about my past and the pain I was forced to go through while growing up – the same pain which made me stronger, more able to take care of you and a family one day.
But that was okay: ego is a cardinal sin after all!
Second round: I had to strip out of my pride; your conspiracy with everyone against my pride was really well planned out! I stopped caring about your insults and theirs, I took it all in, like a man, though I’m definitely not!
But that, too, was okay: pride is one of the seven deadly sins!
Third round: I had to strip out of my joy; the little happy girl inside shrunk into her cocoon and slowly yet surely, died a very silent death. (May God rest her soul)
Here, I started worrying, murder is a sin; you drove me to murder!
Fourth round: (I’m almost utterly naked and my skin is covered with over-hyped goosebumps) I had to strip out of my mind since staying there and playing this game after all those losses is simply and clearly INSANE!
Oh well, insanity is just a socially set construct.
Last round: With shame, I had to finally strip out of myself! My body no longer could hold me in because my soul became rotten with fear, anger and pain and my heart weakened with insults, broken words and too many lies…
Well, hard luck for me and… to you dearest… congrats: you have managed to take it all away!

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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