Main Dish: Scrambled Thoughts!

A peak into the randomness of my thoughts: “When your own words fail you, there’s nothing to do but to take refuge in the words of others to express your ache!”
  • Faced with the fear of loss and abandonment, and under the heavy influence of jealousy’s claws, no lover resembles him/her self.
  • The amount of love one feels when happily in love equates the amount of aggressiveness and loathing one feels when disappointed by that same love!
  • When a lover feels the urge to torture his/her loved one, it is never an intentional torture, rather, a way to try and make the loved one feel the pain and ache boiling up inside!
  • When in love, the man becomes the sultan, the master, the compass and even the weather forecast in a woman’s life; she seizes to function normally upon his absence!
  • The mobile has become our embodiment of the lover we crave; when its pulse vanishes, we fear and feel a silent assassination with a criminal intent!
  • When in love, a woman wears, oh so naively, the waiting sweater and refuses to take it off! She also forbids any other man to unbutton that sweater!
  • How can it be love if it has the power to pull you with its floods when it comes yet is also able to kill you from thirstiness when it goes away?
  • Some men are like reptiles: they have the ability and the will to shed their past like dead skin, effortlessly, and easily replace it with another, never looking back!
  • When suffering from a painfully absent love, you are living a delayed life, as if living someone else’s life; you stop being the owner! You willfully choose to give up living the present rather than choosing to give up a possibility of a dream!
To the writer who inspired these words: Thank you, for I have lost my own words along the pain!

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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