The Nutless Men of Ammville! Scene 1

Nutless at the Movie Theater!

The nachos flew in the air, falling, like snow flakes, on the ground…

Phasing into a crowded area…

People walking around, chatting here and there, some purchasing popcorn before the movie begins, others sneaking a cigarette in the corner, while the employees secretively pray for the shows to start and the people to leave them in peace!

As we zoom into the corridor, we can hear a man screaming: His words are still mumbled; it’s too hard to figure out what he might be shouting about!

A few steps closer and the voice becomes clearer…

Enter: A man, dressed in white, while his angry face shaded in a blend of burning red hues…

His words can be heard now and he is running towards the exist door, trying to find some employee to directly shout at!

Enter: Employee, wondering what possibly could have bothered this man!

Confrontation: the man in white sees the employee, runs up to him and throws the nachos plate in his hand, and as each nacho falls to the ground, like a snowflake, the man screams:

“I sat on a plate of nachos! It’s your fault! I want 100 JDs as reimbursement! I want it now”

And as he walks past the employee, searching for someone else to pounce on, like a hungry cat, you can see his guacamole and cheese stained white dress, right below his back, creating funny shadows of greenish yellow!

Giggles in the background…

Apparently, the nutless man was in such a hurry to take his seat that his eyes missed an entire plate of nachos, which could have just been placed there by a fellow nutless movie lover!

A still shot of the man’s behind…

Phasing out…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to The Nutless Men of Ammville! Scene 1

  1. Mattheus says:

    Damn it! He crushed my plate of nachos! I want 100JDs reimbursement for that!!Then again he looked hilarious, so funny I woulda paid to see that. I guess we can call it even :)They should serve chocolate fondu at theaters, don't you think? 😉

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