10 Signs of One Sided Love…

I don’t claim to be a relationship expert and I also don’t claim to have answers for the many questions that run around in my own head! But, to have been really in love, and to have suffered loss, can help one reach certain conclusions that neither books nor studies can result in!

Therefore, and for today’s post, I choose to present you with my opinion on the 10 signs that prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the love you feel for your partner is one sided, thus, coming to an end real soon!

  1. Continuous Disappointments: Whether you have had dinner plans or just agreed to talk on the phone, if your partner constantly misses out on those plans claiming: he lost his phone, he fell asleep, he was busy playing PS2, he couldn’t talk, he lost his keys, he was caught up with the family, then you must know he doesn’t really care!
  2. Careless Attitude: If your tears mean nothing, if your pleads merely tickle his ears, if your fights never register, if he can easily shut you off and fall into his “beauty” sleep, you should know: he doesn’t love you!
  3. Lies and Half Truths: Once your partner begins lying to you or telling you half truths, your relationship is going down hill, destination: its doom! If someone loves you, they would not lie to you, they would not bring you half stories claiming that they are “protecting you”!
  4. Advising You to Be with Another: Yes my friends, some men (and women) might actually suggest or even insist that their partner should date another and try being happy with him/her instead of growing some guts and fighting for the love they “have”! Therefore, love in this case id non existent!
  5. Putting You on Standby: When your partner uses you as a free-time filler, nothing more, nothing less, plays you by calling you when he is bored, asking to see you when all other plans ended, don’t kid yourself, he doesn’t love you!
  6. Keeping You a Secret: Let’s assume you are a girl of 27 dating a guy of 32, you are not kids anymore and you don’t really need to hide that relationship because you are supposed to be mature, decisive adults. Now, if your partner decides to hide you and keep you as a secret claiming that his parents won’t approve, he doesn’t love you! Seeing you after people have gone to bed and when the darkness has fallen to cover your faces while your roam the streets hidden in the car means he does not want others to know you exist: more options for him to seek and pursue!
  7. A Partner in Need is a Partner Indeed: If you need to see or speak with your partner for any reason you deem important, he should respect that need. If he can not be there for you, to support you, hell, to take you to the hospital when you’re home alone and there’s no one to take care of you, be real: he doesn’t love you!
  8. Pushing You Out: A partner is supposed to let you in, keep you updated on his future plans, share with you his joys and his worries. If your partners pushes you out and doesn’t include you in any of his thoughts, he doesn’t love you, or even care!
  9. Poisoned Words with No Actions: You have all heard the saying: “Actions speak louder than words” yet, I’m sure, many of you out there just take in the poisoned words of love and ignore action, that’s ok. However, there is a certain limit to words and if you are just getting words, my friends you are being manipulated and trust me, you are not loved!
  10. Being Far Down in the List: Loving someone makes them a priority to you, maybe not your first since some would say food and sleep are, but at least they would hold number 3, 4 or 5 in your priorities’ list. If you find yourself lingering in one of the last few places in your partner’s list, right after the dog and before finding another, you are not loved!
Love is supposed to bring you happiness and safety, make you forget the painful moments of the life you had lived before love and give you hope for a better day ahead. Love does not vow to logic and is not held back by what people think and what they force. Only true love can get you places. Only true love can open up doors for you and create “miracles”. Only true love can make you feel the other’s pain and give you tips on how to deal with him/her.

When you are in love, you would do anything to make the person you love happy. You will make sure they get what they need from you, you would fear for their lives and happiness equally.

There are ups and downs but nothing your two-sided faith in love can’t fix or cure! However, one sided love will lead you to nothing but pain, anger, frustration to a point where you will lose yourself and end up being fragile, empty and hollow.

I hope that, unlike me, you have a better chance in love cause at this moment, I feel broken down to pieces with no hope of being stitched back together any time soon….

And remember: there’s an art for manipulation… Be sure not to be fooled by it!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to 10 Signs of One Sided Love…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading your post, thought I was reading a scientific essay on what love is and should be. But the conclusions the post came to, showed that the author has not the good fortune of being in love due to one unlucky love relationship reduces the fact of opening the door to other options. Trying to unfold the mystery of a love relationship by putting it in such a manner could mean that by abiding by those points one can be sure to be living a two-sided love. But so, the points cited are close to any kind of any mature relationship, aren't we all at some moments forget that we are caring, not lying, and putting a priority to our friends or family? Love is not just a word, and can not be just put into a 10-point expose. The reason is, to support the "outside-of-the-box" paradigm in that relationship.Warning signs exist though before even the love or its premises emerge, and that should be warn both sides on the terms of understanding each other. Having read before that love can be timely measured, the counter-fact does prove nonetheless that two people who are on good understanding and cherish the terms on which they were together in first place, face rarely a break-up. Honesty and communication are on face of the soul-mirroring both partners and lovers reflect on their relationship as on the outside. Without taking the educational tone, I urge the author to leave the prejudices aside and look further in a man. He is what you want the other partner wants him to, and any misleading projection can lead obviously to uncover the "real" behind the "real". Beware that love is just a word to reflect, if you are not in you could not be out and vice versa.

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