Daddy Dearest! (1)

Daddy Dearest…

I have loved and unloved you every single day since as long as I can remember,
I have thought about you every month from January of each year till December…

I have tried to wipe away the sorrow and hurt you caused every now and then,
I have tried to block myself from your memories, from your ongoing anger and pain!

I have worked hard to be stronger, better, more independent and less unsure,
I have been looking for a solution to the problems you caused, a permanent cure!

Daddy Dearest….

For as long as I can remember, you have been the sharpest thorn in the blossom of my days,
Since my childhood, you have, maybe unintentionally, caused me to falter in so many ways!

The walls of my memories are stained with images of the bad times you have put me through,
The raging blood in my veins, the clenched nerves, the trust issues, I owe them all to you!

Daddy Dearest…

I have told you over and over again, a father is way more than you have ever been or can be,
How low could the volume of my words be muted? How blind was your anger that you couldn’t see?


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to Daddy Dearest! (1)

  1. johnlusher says:

    Wow. The pain and hurt in this post is overwhelming to read, but I was compelled to read it multiple times. Putting the words onto paper, getting it out can help and I hope it does in this case.As I have said before, incredible writing.

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