I Bleed You…

I bleed you…
Like a sickness, like a cancer, like an infected tumor,
I hate your name, I hate your face, I hate your humor,
I should have run faster, docked lower, realized sooner!

I bleed you…
When the rage builds up inside of me as soon as I feel well,
When I think of all our crappy stories I will live to tell,
When I think of how I loved you yet wished you “farehell”!!

I bleed you…
Memories clenched inside of me like needles and pins,
Of endless fights where each of us loses and none of us wins,
Heart throbbing, nerves clashing while the head spins!

I bleed you…
Like a wounded soldier returning from a battle that was lost,
Scraped out of reality, hating love and disgusted by lust,
Wrapped with ticking bombs and echoes of dust!

I bleed you…
Colors of red, green, yellow, brown and a pinch of blues,
Different intensities, various shades and multiple hues,
In this blood I soak, I choke, I gag, I smother and I infuse!

I bleed you!
Inside and out I bleed and bleed,
All my warnings of scarring you did not heed,
Please don’t beg for mercy, I hate watching you plead!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to I Bleed You…

  1. Gregory says:

    Heavy … Angry … and Loving all at the same time!I loved it!

  2. Life Is Art says:

    Healing begins with releasing the poison! cathartic and profound. Your expressions are like punches. Excellent! Get it out!

  3. johnlusher says:

    An amazing post. Angry, loving, dramatic, and yet sad. Releasing the emotions can have a healing effect, yet drain you of so much. We have all felt some or most, if not all of these things. Thank you for sharing!

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