The Allegory of the Circle!

Somewhere across the hollow horizons, in places that we don’t see, life is going on. Things are in constant motion and the world is spinning, never will it stop to wait for anyone!

Sometimes, our own little world pauses, it takes a break from what is going on outside. Though we live in 2008, our little world seems to be still stuck in an earlier year, refusing to continue with its normal cycle! The calendar for others is on the move yet ours is invariable.

We look around to see that everything we have loved, the things we cherished and valued most are now so forward in time and there is no way to reach them anymore! We try to run, faster and faster, only to figure out we are running in circles! We call out, no one can hear us, our voices are muted in the noise of the present that we have been left out from and the future which seems so far-fetched!

Circles… Life is all about circles! A circle is one of the most basic forms of graphic design yet a great determinant of our life’s design!

We live in a world of circles where people are divided according to factors such as education, race, religion, social class, etc… These circles sometimes allow their inhabitants to move forward, sometimes they hold them back and sometimes they just preserve them, like mummified animals, in the moment they are in!

When these circles collide, they cause havoc! When they are breached, they cause pain!

And just like the jungle, the rule that governs our lives is: Survival of the fittest!

Alas the great minds and hearts doomed into the oblivion of ignorance, pushed back in the pages of history…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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