Nothing Used to Matter…

Nothing used to matter…
Being with you whether it was scorching hot or freezing cold,
As long as your arms were there for me to hold…

Nothing used to matter…
Seeing you every day or whenever suites you well,
As long as my words of love for you I have time to tell…

Nothing used to matter…
The shaken pride, the anger you brought and the stupid fights,
As long as I could have your voice embrace me through the nights…

Nothing used to matter…
The things you made me give up for a promise that was a lie,
As long as I never had to hear you say “good bye”!

Nothing used to matter…
Knowing you won’t ever love me as much or care like I do,
As long as you smile, I didn’t mind being down and blue!

Nothing used to matter…
The past you held on to in gifts, pictures and calls,
Being locked so deep inside these hollow walls,
You never being there to shelter my falls…

Nothing used to matter…
But now it all does and it always will,
How you shoved my love for you down the hill,
My heart is broken now, here’s the hospital bill! 😛


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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5 Responses to Nothing Used to Matter…

  1. How come you could end it with mockery? 🙂 that's the spirit dear Beirut 🙂 Loved it so…God bless ur strength…

  2. Just Ray says:

    this is awesome dear ..very amazing lyrical poetry ..loved it as always ..

  3. As long as my words of love for you I have time to tell…i dunno which hurts more, not having the some one or not having the time to tell your words of love anymore…..amazing dear. love it 🙂

  4. T. Fakhoury says:

    honestly i don't know what to say,,,all ur notes are amazing,,,

  5. Z. Labadi says:

    i'm Speechless but its Awesome

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