The Toughest Part of Any Day is the Night…

I sit here by my shadow, loveless, cold and alone…
Tears of resentment tumbling down my face,
Wishing I lived a real love of my own,
Someone for my tired soul to embrace…

The days are fine since work occupies my time,
I feel a sting every once in a while during break,
Yet when the bells of the night begin to chime,
I start realizing the rise of the muffled heartache!

I maintain a steady facade,
And sneak out a smile every now and then,
I cry out to you: Oh GOD!
I see no reasons for this pain as far as my ken!

For as fruitful as the day may be,
And no matter what you do achieve,
When the day turns into night, you see,
The pain inside is just too much to comprehend or believe!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to The Toughest Part of Any Day is the Night…

  1. J. Crabb says:

    The nite passes … Funny how we all have our experiences and yet somehow all unique … you are very talented with words and there use … I would think you have written a book or two … I checked the painful box … knowing this pain … but now I am a dinosaur that still carries the pain I have also brought smiles and become important to my nieces and nephews … and siblings … over these and can say I am loved … maybe not as I had planned … in my case I was a clueless male thirty some years ago and when ask to leave and given the reason upfront … I had no choice but to go … because I loved I did this … while you seem to want to be with someone who doesn't appreciate the gift you offer … you said there are special men out there… so time will bring one into your path … reading your writings you certainly are worthy of this…as you wrote when you look out your window look up to the stars and the wonders of the universe…I'm starting to babble…twitter really cuts down on babblers…anyway…you are young and should be 'hopeful'…hope you feel betterJim

  2. FBT says:

    سلامي لكي يا من الهمتي وساندتي أفكاري بكثير من كتاباتك.. أتابعك منذ فترة وقررت عمل مدونة أجمع فيها مع أحببت بطريقتي.. وكانت كتاباتك احداها..إن شاء الله المشروع قيد التنفيذ ومرورك يشرفني.. سلمتي..

  3. ~NeeR~ says:

    oh gr8too sensitive………nice work…see my

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