The Hidden Fruits of Life!

Sometimes people do not know what they are missing in life… This is a very normal phenomenon since you can’t really know what you are missing unless you try it: hear it, see it, taste it and feel it!

It is like trying an orange, just an ordinary well-rounded, juicy and ripe orange. To a first timer, an orange is just an orange and every other orange must taste more or less the same: like an orange! But to someone who has tried the fresh and delicately picked oranges from the green farms of Lebanon for example, the definition of an orange changes! An orange is not just an orange anymore: it is a succulent and insatiable treat! It is a trip from the proudly standing mother tree, to small tender hands that picked it, to little grocery store where it was bought… Then, an orange is transformed from a simple fruit to a wholesome experience where one could feel every sensation possible as the orange juice gently wets the tongue and its texture softly melts in your mouth!

Whether in life as a whole, or in human relationships in specific, I believe one should always look outside the frames of the available into the world of the unknown… Never should we underestimate the power of what lies ahead! Because sometimes, when you least expect it, something or someone will magically appear in your life to let you see, hear, smell and taste things differently; on a higher level that you have never thought possible before…

Cheers to the unknown and to all the hidden fruits along the path!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to The Hidden Fruits of Life!

  1. Feathers says:

    Really like your writing and especially this, "…on a higher level that you have never thought possible…" Some people leave footprints in our hearts.

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