The Man of The Long Gone Past…

There was a man who I, once upon time, loved so dearly,
Of my love he was not worthy and that showed continuously and clearly!

I still refused to believe and tried as hard as I could to prove them all wrong,
I stood there by his side, I watched him go, and I saw him deceive me all along.

Then came a day when we were both apart,
We decided to end it all, get a new start.

He was far away but always haunted me with vague promises and words,
He dried up the green dreamy meadows of my heart and killed all the birds.

I tried everything to get him back in my life, closer to me,
I wanted to be there in any possible way I could be.

I offered him a friendship on a silver plated dish,
I wanted to be around him by any means and that was my wish.

He was selfish; never ever tried to be there by my side,
He would always find excuses to run and others to hide!

Every time I got into any kind of trouble,
The absence he chose made my pains double!

One day my house, while I slept, went on fire!
I turned to him again and he accused me of being a liar!

At that point it hit me hard and sure!
He was the cancer and could never be the cure!

It is all gone now, the bad memories and good times too!
His picture in my mind’s nest just got up and flew!

I will never fall to that man or anyone like him as long as I live,
I will choose carefully next time for whom my precious heart to give!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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