Her Statement… (Cont’d)

Due to the fact that my last post titled “statement” was perceived to be “not so clear”, allow me to elucidate…

This post is really a two-sided coin… It touches upon two parallel subjects: life and dreams (conjured realities)…

I will talk about life first but briefly because I have mentioned my view about it many a times!

As many perceive it, life is a whirlpool; an endless road; a never ending challenge… And I agree… Life throws at you all those struggles and tests which you are supposed to pass and overcome with hard work and resistance in order to attain what Maslow referred to self-achievement, in his hierarchy of needs…

Through this struggle, we tend to lose ourselves at some points, break down at others and we sometimes even get to a point where we really consider giving up hope… This is where conjuring realities steps in…

For years now, numerous stories have been told about “witches” and black magic all trying to conjure spirits to serve them in their own benefits (whether they are good or bad is besides my point)…

The act of conjuring a reality stems from the need for another scope, another view; another hope…

If the girl I refer to in “Statement” chooses to conjure to her own reality which is loaded with colorful rainbows and yellow butterflies then it should be known… She will not give up even if that means she will spend her time alternating between her “real” reality and the one she chooses to conjure until her “real” reality improves!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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