An Endless Stream…

A stream of questions attacks me now and all I can do is taste their bitterness…

I breathe out cautiously in order to safely free them from my mind which is holding them captive…

How could you hold on to someone’s hand for long when it keeps slipping away?
When will you find your right path? When will you really find your way?

How could you please those around you when from within you grieve?
Will the day ever come when you’ll just give up and cease to believe?

Why is sadness the opposite of happiness and it remains there no matter what we do?
Why do they keep pushing you away and why can’t your feelings get through?

How could they cope with all the suffering they live when the least we can’t swallow?
How could we not allow ourselves to falter and keep ourselves from being hollow?

How could we rise above the agony, chaos and melancholy of the nights ahead?
How can we keep seeing the colors of life: the bright yellow, the fresh green and the deep red?

Till when will we fight to be all what we can and want to be?
When will they see the beauty that lies within you and me?


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to An Endless Stream…

  1. hello beruit,you have really a good way of writiing( i am not surprised actually), anyway i want to say that happiness and sadness will coexist for good( otherwise we cant feel the difference between them), and hummans' nature make them so happy when they accomplish anything in their life.

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