Scene 2: In Between The Sheets

She changed into her night gown and slowly slipped underneath the sheets…

Now, she had him there all by himself, all for herself…

He whispered to her words that only she could ever hear… He spoke with ease yet loaded with different questions and emotional disputes…

It was late now and she was finally alone with him… And as it often happens, the late night time is the only time when she regularly listens while he just speaks to her… Sometimes all through the night, until the break of dawn…

He asked her:

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough by now? I mean all the hurt and all the pain? I’ve been there to watch you crumble and plunge… I’ve seen yours tears fall, so many times, over your cheeks and die while touching your neck… I’ve felt the pain you have felt… Don’t you think it’s time for you to give up?”

Oh the silence of the dark, dark night…

She shifted, curled up and tried to change her sleeping position, maybe then she won’t hear what he is saying because she has heard it all before: the blame, the guilt, the emptiness, the hopelessness and the disappointment…

She then took her pillow from underneath her head and covered her head with it… But with no use, her mind just kept nagging for an answer…

She finally gave up, and faced him with an answer:

“I still believe in the beauty of love… I know it’s hard to find… But what is life without taking that chance? Leaping to that mountain ahead? Walking that extra step?

“But, but what about the pain? What about the…”

She interrupted ….

“Granted, all those tears made it harder to see the splendor which love can bring… All those fights make it difficult to hear the sweet words of love which are whispered in your ear… All those doubts and heart breaks make it sometimes almost impossible to swim in the oceans of emotions, bathe in the showers of passion and drink from the glasses of pure, untainted and untouched feelings… Yet, it is better to love and be hurt than never to feel the power of love… Don’t you agree?”

The summer’s cool breeze finds its way through her window and slowly creeps up to tenderly touch her face… And outside, she can hear the trees scheming for their late night flamingo!

Now… she just lays down there, feeling so exposed, she finally confessed… Did he already know?

“Of course I knew… And for years, I’ve been trying to knock some sense into you! But alas, all my trials have obviously failed!”

She now faced another dilemma… How can she convince him of something she no longer could feel, or at least haven’t felt in a long time?

With hesitation, she asked:

“Don’t you remember the happiness we felt before? The anticipation of the moment where two lovers’ eyes meet? The warmth that fills up both of them upon a soft, gentle touch on the hand? Don’t you remember the joy of spending time together, doing anything, no matter how simple? How during those times the concept of time and place just vanishes and people fade away? How everything seems so easy and doable? How peace just cuddles you?”

A sarcastic grin then he goes on to say:

“Oh yeah I remember… I remember very well… That temporary insanity! That fake feeling of wellness and divided happiness… I also remember how easily they could be shattered and broken into pieces by the smallest of actions and simplest of words…”

I guess it’s enough for now… She thought…

She got off of her bed… Snuck up to her drawers and took out a sleeping pill…

As she slipped into her bed once more, she swallowed the pill and hoped for a good night sleep…

Half an hour has passed…

She hears nothing… She feels nothing… She finally can not think…

She is falling into deep sleep now… “Café Del Mar” playing in the background…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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