Personality Check!

Moving from the private to the public in order to make my writing a little less “self-centered” and more of a public concern, allow me to talk about the different personality types I have met along the road of life. I would like your honest opinions regarding my critique and evaluation of those personalities because I’m sure they have crossed your path as well!

Please note:
*The names I will choose to call each personality is not in any way scientific or philosophically related. I have created each name which will properly portray the characteristics of each personality.
* A person could fall into one or more (yet also none) of the personality types I will be listing.

The “Save Me” Personality:
Those who fall into this category are people who believe they have been through so many hard times in their lives. Whether the “hard times” were in reality harsh or not is not a matter that concerns me.
Now a person with the “Save Me” personality is one which was not able to learn from his/her mistakes or the mistakes of others and always seeks shelter and safety in the arms of someone (or anyone). He/she tries hard to fit into any group and belong. Their loyalties, beliefs and values are flexible and could easily be changed for the sake of ‘fitting in”.

The “I Don’t Give A Damn” Personality:
People who have this type of personality:
Either became so due to the way they were raised, their parents’ teachings and their surroundings.
Or became so due to a painful experience which altered their lives and thus their personality.

The “I Don’t Give A Damn” personality type usually holds those who will speak and act with no thoughts to others’ feelings. They are self-centered and love to be the focal point of everyone’s attention. Their life is aimless though they always try to convince others otherwise! They are also rarely scared of anything and friends to them are just a tool that they sue to waste time. Love, in the eyes of this type of personality, is not rational and carries no value.

The “I Am The Boss” Personality:
Now this type of personality is the hardest to deal with!
Everyone who falls under this category always thinks his/her way is the right one. They refuse to listen to what anyone has to say and might not even be willing to hear it! They want things to go as they please at any given time and they do not leave any room for arguing or discussing any topic they have a predefined opinion of.
This personality is one which attracts many weaker and less rooted personalities and it is able to accommodate them and love them all as long as they are the herd and it is the shepherd.

The “Love Me” Personality:
People who have had a bad childhood and who have been haunted by their painful memories will fit just right in this category. The “Love Me” personality is one which is scared, confused and alone. It is one which seeks love constantly and feels complete only when it finds its “better” half. It is capable of giving so much love and attention yet it is always afraid of being abandoned.
People who fall under this type of personalities can be of a strong or weak character and could also be of a good or evil one.

The “Life Is Passing By” Personality:
This personality just stands on the side as the world passes it by. It is passive to changes and experiences. It has no clue of what is going on around and doesn’t even think about asking.
People in this classification are the ones who believe that “we will die sooner or later so why the hassle?” They like spending many hours alone doing nothing and thinking about no one. They shy away from any relation that could cause them to think. They could be a lot of fun to hang out with after a long working day because they have an aimless sense of humor which could be tolerated only at times.

Finally, and as one wise man said: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Thank you for your time…


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X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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