Cabbies: A Different Approach!

And yet another morning… This one was rather calm though: the silence after the storm…

My night was fairly good until that late hour of the night when all my fears and worries conspired against me and pulled out those trapped tears which chose to share my pillow with me and fall asleep by my side…

It passed now… It’s a new day…

I chose not to take the car today… I don’t feel up to driving so I walked out of the house and into the street waiting to find a cab to take me to work…

As I walked and waited, listening to my music and trying to push away those ideas trying to surface, I could see the sun rays color my curls with so much talent and I could feel the warm breeze touch my cheeks with so much tenderness…

A cab pulled up and I got in…

A million “cab-related” ideas started bombarding my mind and for the first time in my life I felt that I had enough of them to actually write an article and dedicate it to “cabbies”!

Take a very short moment to think about this:

How many times a day do we swear, scream or curse at cab drivers?
Don’t you just hate how they forget to let you know before changing lanes or suddenly stopping to pick up someone?
Isn’t it unnerving how they are always in a rush to get somewhere?
If you’re a non-smoker, don’t you just hate it when the cab driver is smoking right next to you?
How about their weird taste in music? The conversations they try to open? The way they look at you in the mirror? How they always like taking the farthest way to drop you off when you might be in a hurry? How many of them seem to never have change!?

Now I do realize how annoying those things may be and how sometimes we tend to lose our temper from their selfish and unethical acts yet clear your mind for a second and think about this:

Do we really know what time this cab driver left his house and what time he will get back? Do we ever think of the number of hours he spends going around picking and dropping me, you, him, her or them up?
If the cab doesn’t put the AC on we complain for those 20 minutes max we will be in the cab, do we ever think how many hours the cab driver spends in his car with no AC?
Can we really blame the cab driver for wanting to “rip us off” those 5 or 10 piasters when the fuel prices are constantly rising and the living conditions are constantly deteriorating?
If we sit alone for an hour we get bored, can we then blame the cab drivers for trying to come up with any kind of conversation in order to pass time?
Finally, are cab drivers really the only ones who fail to follow driving regulations and etiquette?

I’m sure each of you will have different opinions regarding this subject…

My only wish is that it will add a spoon of empathy to your daily encounter with cabbies!

Have a nice day…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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