Utter Discontent & Great Gratitude…

It’s a dilemma… I realize that it is: The whole idea of pleasing and satisfying others…

I mean from the feedback on my posts alone I see how people can and will never be satisfied: If I’m sad and feeling down and I try to vent and explain the reasons behind that feeling, I’m attacked and my readers assume that I feel down all the time and I’m not strong enough to fight. On the other hand, when I feel happy or excited about a new anything in my life, I hear comments like: “It’s too soon”, “How could be so insensitive about the feelings of those around you?”… Etc…

My own “little dramas”, my personal miseries, the brief and the long ones, are mine to share or keep… The way I feel about them is my own problem, the way I express them is my own choice. The description of my blog clearly states the following: There is an undeniable truth of the existence of our souls, a true dilemma and a range of contradictions which I’m continuously attempting to uncover by “spilling my soul out” and reading the feedback from those who have the time and courtesy to hear me out and empathize… Therefore, in the beginning of this endless stream of thoughts, which you may call my “blog”, I specifically explained that this website is strictly a way of me venting and talking about and sharing my experiences, the good and bad ones, with those who CARE ENOUGH to read it and empathize.

I am in utter discontent regarding some of the comments I get attacking me personally! I mean no one forced any of you to enter my blog and read my posts! If and when you do, I expect some courtesy and if there is any criticism, which I’m sure there will be, I expect it to be constructive!

If this “virtual world” seems to be a haven for me, why would any of you choose to turn it into a battle field where I am forced to use my words as weapons to defend myself and my position?

Yet, there is always this deep and sincere gratitude I hold to those who never give up on me and on my writings, those who believe in me and appreciate what I share, even when they don’t agree with it or can’t relate to it… Whether they leave their comments here, send them as messages, tell them to me face to face or add them to my facebook, I do read them all, think about them and always try to make use of the advices they offer…

At the end, not every writer is loved by all the reading community and no writing style is always appreciated by everyone, I know that and I respect it therefore I just would like to ask those who do make a presence on my blogging stage to do so if they value its content not for any other reason!

Thank you…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to Utter Discontent & Great Gratitude…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    why do u even care to please others?!?!it's YOUR BLOG… YOURS… write whatever u want!! say whatever u want!! whatever u feel!! whatever u like!! express urself!!i love ur blog.. i love how it inspires me to think about life… how it inspires me to write sometimes… how it gives me lessons from ur experiences in life… it's an amazing blog for me… and i'll keep on checking it whenever i can… but i do hope that u write more about happy things, not because i'm judging or attacking u or ur personality, it's just that i love to see u happy and feeling good and enjoying this life!!keep up the wonderful job dude… u r one of the best…

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