Poursuivre des Rêves… (Chasing Dreams)….

Has it ever occurred to you how fast your dreams are able to run away from you?

I mean really, it is as if you were playing a game of catch but your dreams are the one with the muscular and athletic legs while you’re just stuck with skinny little “chick” legs!
Hehe, it actually made me smile to my self the vision of what I have just described! The irony, the extreme case, tends to make you smile and sometimes even burst out in laughter when in fact you may be thinking of your worst fears or your regrets, disappointments or anything along those lines!

I guess this is how some people actually lose their mind at the end, and they are then called: insane. I guess too much harsh irony mixed with lack of expressing its yield, leads to that state. But come now, aren’t we all just a little insane? Each, of course, in his/her own way, actions, dreams, etc…

Sometimes, you are just too happy about something that you cry, many others, you are just too upset or hurt due to something and you actually laugh!

Let’s go back to the cat and mouse games we play with our dreams.
This time, our dreams are Jerry; the clever and devious mouse who outsmarts Tom every time! Therefore, we are Tom, the seemingly kind yet starving cat who tries everything to get a hold of Jerry!

Tom never gave up though, and some of us almost always keep trying as well… Personally, I think that the only difference between what we do and what Tom did was that we keep trying different mice yet Tom always pursued the same mouse!

Will this chase ever end?

I am very sure that for some of us it does just as I’m sure that for many of us, it just keeps running and the choice is ours whether to follow it or just let go!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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