A Confounding Question!

Have you ever wondered who you really were?

In your own eyes, in your own mind, do you really know who you are?

Can you define, in short and simple sentences, who you believe you may be?

We can agree on one thing for certain, we are human.

We share the same physiological and biological state (some having slight differences due to age, state of mind, abuse, living conditions, etc), but more or less, we have some basics in common: the same digestive, respiratory, nerve and reproductive systems. (Of course the reproductive system differs from males to females – just in case of any smart comment!).

We also have minimum universal requirements: the need to eat, breathe, drink and sleep.

On a deeper level though, who are we?

I mean are we good or bad? Are we kind or mean? Are we caring or careless? Useful or useless?

It is said that two things make us who we are: memories (resulting from past experiences) and secrets (those we bury deep inside).

I can’t really agree!

Notice one thing: both memories and secrets involve one or more external others. Thus, if the influence of that other was negative, does that condemn us to a different definition of who we are?

Realistically, I know how much we give attention to what others think of us while ignoring our own beliefs and values in order to “go with the flow” and not be misjudged. We usually choose to join ‘em when we can not find a way to convince them or beat ‘em!

Ideally, at some point of our lives, we do reach to an understanding with our own selves; we get a fair definition of our essence. But the question is, when does that point come around? And would it ever be too late?


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to A Confounding Question!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    i guess from my point of view, in my own mind, i do know who i really am!!and what i always try to do, is be myself around everybody, friends, bestfriends, or even strangers!!i don't like to let people control who i am… i don't like to change for people's sake!! i am who i am, if u wanna love me, like me, or hate me, then do it for who i am, not for who i pretended to be!!if people, or let's say good friends put some notes on things they don't like about me, and i've seen that they were true, and i have to change them, i do… but i don't act soo cool so that cool people would love me and hang out with me!! i don't drink for people, i don't dance or talk to girls or go to parties for people, thank God, i believe in me! and i really don't care if people didn't like me for who i am!!!! as long as i'm satisfied!!!memories and secrets don't make us who we are!! sometimes life puts us into hard experiences and tough situations that bad things could come out from!! so no, i don't agree too…if u still don't know who u really are!! well, i guess u should relax, stop asking urself a lot of questins, stop wondering!! try to think to reach for answers not to reach for more and more questions… analyze what happened in ur life, what people have done to u, when they've hurt u, when they've been nice to u, when they've been there for u, remember what have u done, how u acted to let people do these things to u!! i guess that would help u start a new u, u'll have less pain hopefully… i'm talking through experience here… i've done these things the last period of time, and believe me, it worked… and i'm really surprised and happy from the results, i hope it works with u too if u wanna try it!!this note is a piece of art beebee, u r a deep person with so many deep thoughts… which is good and bad at the same time!! the bad thing about it, is that these thoughts sometimes may mislead u…take care…

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