Short Term Memory Loss…

A movie I was watching last night triggered this thought: How would my life become if I suddenly developed short memory loss? A condition that leaves one with some memories from far behind yet makes him/her unable to make new memories…

Though many times I wish I can forget various things, people, places, actions, words, looks, etc, I wonder now, how would it feel not to be able to remember small things like who you have talked to in the morning, what you ate, to bigger things such as where you are, what your dreams maybe, what your higher goal or purpose was!

Memories, as I have put it before, are tricky and cruel… You need them to grow, mature, learn and develop however painful, sad, harsh and unfriendly they may be…

After this short dilemma with myself, I wonder now, have your memories made you any stronger? Did you ever wish that you’d just forget all the painful memories in your life along with those conditions or people who caused them? Are you able to live everyday with new hopes and dreams while watching the remains of old ones burn and turn into dust?

Whatever your answer may be, think of this:

We all need memories to remind us of who we are…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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9 Responses to Short Term Memory Loss…

  1. Ghaida says:

    i like ur note beebee, & ur right we do need our memories no mater how bad they hurt, we just need to know how to handle them & learn from them for next time…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I liked the thought .. its philosophical, I dont know why it rminds me of the story of plato's cave in his book the republic .

  3. zeezazoo says:

    memories r good for us, no matter if they were good or bad memories!!if u got burned from a hot teapot, the next time u attend to carry it, u'll use a piece of cloth or something to carry it!! cuz u remembered how bad it hurted u the first time!! if u didn't have memory, how can u remember that?!?!now life, love, relations are a lot like a hot teapot, if u knew how to handle it, and carry it in a good way and to pour in ur cup and wait for it to get to the right color and to a good temperature, maybe u'll finally enjoy that cup of tea and after that u'll start thinking of adding somethings on the side like a cookie or a piece of ment or more sugar on the tea to make it even better and better!! but u have to be patient and deal with things depending on ur memories, experiences and ur smartness!! think of it!! it's deeper than u think!!good luck, and i hope u start having good memories from now on!!

  4. BeeBee says:

    Sometimes the teapot is broken and u don't know it…Sometimes it maybe rusty and u don't notice…A teapot is a thing, it doesn't move therefore it does not react… Life, relations, love, wel, they are ever changing… You think u found the answers to them then BAM, things change, sometimes u never know why…All we are left with are memories… Sometimes no matter how smart and mature u r, no matter how many experiences u've been through, regardless of the memories, u still forget urself and make the same mistakes again! This is how life is…We r human…We make mistakes…We should learn…But sometimes things are not what they seem!Anyways, thanks again for ur comment Zeezazoo.

  5. BeeBee says:

    Anonymous, wow! Thank u for comparing my writings to great work of Plato! I'm flattered!Thanks for ur time..

  6. BeeBee says:

    Ghaida… I know how much u relate to this subject…I hope u don't ever make the same mistake twice cuz the second time hurts like hell!!!I hope many good memories will shadow all ur bad ones…Mwaaah

  7. zeezazoo says:

    sure u can't know the condition of the teapot!! and u can't control everything… and u can't predict how things r going to happen!! that's why i said, if u knew how to handle the teapot and everything you "may" enjoy the cup of tea!!!humans, life, love, relations r unpredictable!! but sometimes, we can know how things r going to be, or have a hint or something!! i know that life isn't as simple as teapot!! i wish it was… but u know, we always try to bring something and try to alike it to life and relations and love!! trying to find an answer for all these problems and sadness we r facing!!!!!u know, what i like about ur posts, u make me think 😀 😀 😀 don't make fun of me, i know u wanna 😀 i mean u make me wonder about this life and how complicated it is and how to find answers!! so if i let myself i'll comment more and more, i have a lot to say and write… but i'm gonna stop now so u would read it, cuz i know u don't read long comments 😀 😀

  8. Kamal says:

    long term memory comes in two types: physical and mental. muscle and brain.example of muscle memory is walking, or riding a bike, or writing. it long term and it is created through repetition. long term brain memory is the same, it is built by repetition. if you burnt you hand on a tea pot today but didn't see the tea pot again for a year; would you remember that the tea pot hurt you?if you burnt your hand today and saw the tea pot everyday there after for a year; will you likely remember the pot's heat for the next 20 years?if you had no short term memory and again burnt your hand today (i'm so sorry beebee!) and again tomorrow and the day after and again for a week. would your long term memory not kick in?i guess what i'm asking is if learning is limited by short term memory?

  9. BeeBee says:

    Dear Kamal…I do not mean learning in this particular post… I'm trying to address the memories part excluding the learning because that will, as u mentioned, stick to a person even if he/she suffered from a trauma which caused brain damage.I am trying to emphasize the value of the short-term memory as apposed to the long-term memory and learning because yes, if you suffer a short-term loss, u will be able to carry out the usual daily routine things: walking, brushing your teeth or hair, typing, writing, etc, but in the case of writing, what will u be writing about? Walking: where would u be walking to and for what purpose?Do u know what I mean?Thanks anyways for the comment…I'm glad I was able to interest many into commenting on this post!

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