Puppets… By Choice…

What a rough period the last few weeks were…
Wow! Looking back at them now, it feels like such a relief that that period in my life has finally passed…

Everything that happened then, as well as things that have been going on in my life since I started being aware of things around me and since I began to make my own decisions, make me think of something: Puppets!

How strange it is that we allow people to move us, just as puppets… Silly, little and lifeless puppets!

How strong we are and yet how we permit ourselves to be so weak for others…

How smart we are yet how we stand there and accept to be manipulated…

How mature we cab be and yet how childish we can act!

How ambitious we are and yet accept to put aside our dreams and ambitions for him or her…

Puppets by choice… That we are…

That doesn’t mean we are, by any means, smarter than other puppets! It just means that we are more powerful: We can choose when not to be puppets any more!

For now, I don’t want to be a puppet… I want to be me… Just me… With all the good and bad that I may be, with all the faults and mistakes I am made of and I have made along the way… I want to be the way I am: the result of all the experiences I’ve been through… The whole package…

When, and if, I’m bored maybe, just maybe, I can choose to play the puppet again, and yet again, by choice!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to Puppets… By Choice…

  1. Kamal says:

    .ok, so i've thought this one over and i'm a little less confused now.what i see is a kind of matrix of puppets. hehehe, let me explain; imagine everyone is a puppet, and every person is connected some how to everyone else they know.some connections are tight, some slack.no one really controls anyone else. assuming that we are talking about adults. exceptions would be teacher/student or boss/employee etc.sometimes connections are weird. say the little finger of my left hand to the little toe of your right foot. i might have more connections to people on my left hand. you might have tons of connections.if i choose to pull at your toe with my little finger; would the person connected to me at my wrist feel a tug on his/her ear? would the person connected to your knee feel a tug on his/her nose?Puppets by choice.can we really choose not to be puppets, or is it really just a choice to go slack?you might break a connection to someone, but that person's loss shouldn't lead to total lethargy. except i guess if it is everyone's tugs that you want to avoid.

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