A Word Document…

I was typing a long piece of writing which I did not really like that much so I decided to clear the text by using the back space button on the keyboard… As I watched the letters fade away with every click, I realized something: the similarity between typing on a word document and a relationship.

A relationship is just as simple as the process of typing on your keyboard:

Every click represents time (in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or years).

Every letter symbolizes communication of any type (call, message, face to face).

Every word signifies a new sensation, feeling or awareness (admiration, interest, love, etc).

Every exclamation mark demonstrates a sudden change of heart, plan or intention.

Every new paragraph marks a new beginning, an unsullied day, a fresh level or a new stage.

Now, what does the back space button imply?

I guess it clearly distinguishes the end of an “era” two people have spent together… Two people who kept reading and reading their story together and decided to let go and move on… To erase all their memories… To start typing a new word document!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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5 Responses to A Word Document…

  1. youma says:

    when i was reading this words i felt something is i like to write on my own letter cause i know if i want to erase any thing will influenced on this letterSO I DO ESTIMATED EVERY WORD IN MY OWN LETTER

  2. zeezazoo says:

    nice comparison, but not 100% true or accurate…relationships r not as simple as the process of typing on your keyboard… i wish they were as simple…what u r talking about is not a relationship, there is no relation here… ok, u said, every click represents time, letter communication, exclamation mark sudden change of heart, and so on… this my friend is not a relation, there is no relation here, it's just someone who is waiting for the other part to act, and every act he/she does turns into a letter, word, exclamation mark or whatever, and these acts starts to erase things or add things to the life of the person, but the first part is doing nothing in his/her turn, he/she is just sitting there waiting for things to happen and decide to consider them letter or words or paragraphs…

  3. linda says:

    so touching …u right cause the relations don't have a values now they r just like anything els …u can get it so easy and droupe it smoothly as well oh…so bad to feel the life changes

  4. baby prophet says:

    i'm amazed how you look at relationships.. you make them seem like the reason for life..and you make them seem like they have to flow in a certain manner, a planned out scheme, a schedule of work… what happened to the beauty of the unexpected..after deleting what you wrote on the word document; you have nothingness… but a nothingness you can write on.. or draw on, or do whatever you want with.. don't write a story.. every story ends; write about yourself in the present, the future is a process not a destination…….

  5. Kamal says:

    I deleted myself today.. feels weird.

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