Love Vs. Infatuation: Different Views…

“When you are in love you will just know it. There is no formula or logic to love. You just feel it in your heart, your mind, and your soul. The feeling is something you can’t describe but can arise at any moment, triggered by a memory, a word or a thought of that special person. The difference between a crush/infatuation and real love is that a crush is someone you may forget about during the course of a day/week/month. Someone you may think of a few moments from time-to-time that you can do fun things with such as dates, dinner, and movies. A real love is someone that you cannot live without, someone who is constantly on your mind, day in and day out. It’s someone you can’t wait to talk to next. Someone who you can’t wait to see for whatever reason!”

“You know you’re in love when there is no hesitation in expressing yourself. When you feel you can share anything and everything. When you are not anxious about making a commitment. Mostly, you don’t feel the need to look around for greener pasture. You don’t think that maybe the next man you meet may be better. You are willing to check this relationship out…see where it goes. A crush or an infatuation doesn’t last long — it’s not satisfying and doesn’t usually turn into a long-term relationship.”

“Love is when a stunning woman, a stranger, walks into the room and you look over to the one you’re with, the one you’ve shared many conversations and memories with. You look at her and can’t wait to be alone so that you can hold her in your arms. That is when love becomes so much more then infatuation.”

“How do I know when I’m in love? When no sacrifice is too big, no distance is too great. When every time I think of her, I feel happier than the moment before. When I see her in everything I do and everywhere I am. When her love in return wraps me like a warm blanket. Then I know. A crush doesn’t come close.”

“I know I am in love with someone when I cannot control my feelings. When I cannot stop thinking of her — then I know I feel love. If it is a crush or infatuation, then I know I can shut her off and think of someone else; even plan a date with another for a later time. But, if I cannot do that and do not want to see anyone else, continue to think of her all day into the night, look forward to seeing her again and put aside all others, I am in love. It has been wonderful when I have felt that way. I have had many a crush, but have been in love only a few times to the point of forsaking all others, including friends, to be with her.”


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5 Responses to Love Vs. Infatuation: Different Views…

  1. Indaxi says:

    what about when you meet your partner after a football or a rugby game,and you dont care about his sweat or smell or closth or dirts,,you just jump over him,hug him and blow a kiss over his dirt?and you dont care about nything else except being with him?i call that love,wht about you,what do u call it ??

  2. Anonymous says:

    when you are in love, you are not going to hate life when you are not with her, you love life cause you know she's there, and you'll be excited about life cause you know anytime soon you'll see her and talk to her.when you are in love, you don't care about people's opinions, about people's thoughts, about right and wrong, about dignity and sacrifices.when you are in love, you won't be ashamed from your personal secrets, you won't be afraid of your past, you won't be afraid about your future. you'll just share whatever comes to your mind with her, even if it's the silliest thing she has ever heard.when you are in love, you make a big deal out of every little simple cute sweet thing she does for you. you will adore every little inch of her body. you will love the things she hates about her body more than the rest. you will feel like a king of the world but still you're with the queen of the universe.when you are in love, you will do anything, ANYTHING, to make sure that she will be happier after that. even if it's gonna cost you a piece of your heart or even all your heart.when you are in love, you will just know it, and everybody around you will feel it, and if they felt it's true, they'll encourage you and support you to keep it.when you are in love, you will feel it when you find something beautiful and the first thing you think about is her, when you go to a wonderful new place you think of cutting the trip to take her to it and enjoy the beauty of it with her. when you start connecting everything you see, hear, feel or do with her. when you have so many memories that became a part of your life. when you feel that life ended the moment you stop talking to her!if you want to know if you are in love, just close your eyes, you'll see her for sure, now imagine her smiling, if your heart started to beat faster and a smile started to grow on your face, then you are definitely in are in love when your girl took off all her clothes infront of you but you didn't feel a sexual thing but instead you felt so happy that she is the one you have been always dreaming of since you've been young and you started admiring her body like looking at a beautiful painting. and a feeling of love started to grow instead of the feeling of lust! when you go to her favorite place and kiss it to show her how much you love her than how much you want is when you know that she is the one, and you won't care if you lost the whole world for her cause she will bring you the whole world to you. love is when you try so hard, when you do what people don't do, when you give her what you don't have, when you sacrifice with everything you got, when you don't care about your dignity for her but you are sure she will not let you lose it.not a day, not a month, not a year or years would help you forget a real love. not a girl, not girls, not a relation would help you is when you see a hundred good looking girls, wearing sexy clothes, but you still see her with every and each one of them, and they all vanish the moment she enters the place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    by the way, is any of these different views is yours beebee?

  4. Kamal says:

    !excuse me if i go 'discovery channel' on your ass!i like to think of "crush vs love" in the same way i think of "short term memory vs long term memory".the two types of memory use different parts of the brain. neither is really "greater" than the other, you need both to function properly. we are the sum of our experiences so the long term memory defines who you are. (excuse me for using computer terminology: the back-up of your personality).I find infatuation to be the very similar to love. the difference being in intensity and longevity. it's a matter of perspective, if you are in love or remember love then you see infatuation as shallow. if you are single then it might be the mightiest rush![quote="Beebee"]A crush or an infatuation doesn't last long — it's not satisfying and doesn't usually turn into a long-term relationship."[/quote]…but every long-term relationship starts with an infatuation. is there no satisfaction from a crush nurtured to love?infatuation vs love? i think you need both to function properly. one defines who you are.. kinda like memory 😉

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