Time Vs. Emotions…

A million thoughts cross my mind every minute, some are happy thoughts, others are hopeful while a few may be disappointing or even depressing! Yet, only one of the most recent ideas I felt is worth writing about: Time in relation to emotions.

Who can determine, with precision, what is the right time to develop feelings for a certain someone?
Who can really judge if there is a right time to act on those emotions?
Why do we always say: it is still too early? What is too early? And who decided that a week or a month or a year is the accurate measure?
When does it become too late?
Does waiting for too long have negative effects as well?

Let us assume a girl, X, meets a boy, Y.

Now X and Y find some common grounds and start feeling comfortable around each other.

What if X begins to develop feelings for Y sooner that Y does?
What if the story is reversed?
When does X know that Y is the one for her?
When does Y feel that X is worth giving it all up for her?

As I see it, time seems to be a very crucial element that binds everyone. I have seen many people get together and break apart due to time, I have seen long relationships end with no outcome and I have also met people who fell in love so fast and things went on so well…

My conclusion is that there is no place for time in the calendar of love… Yet, sadly enough, many people restrict themselves to time that they somehow lose track of what they have and end up being miserable and alone!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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15 Responses to Time Vs. Emotions…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Impressive…BTW, nice new 22 pics

  2. BeeBee says:

    Thank you… But what 22 pics are u talking about?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is it with this boy/girl thing?This is a private miused issue that leads nowhere if feelings and affections aren't trained in this very cold world of contigent contacts pretented to be friends. The sure thing is we never had time for anything, living thus on our memoirs and memories, like for example, many people have interrupted their lives on one event which leads me to this parentheses: To figure out what life is or have to be, one must die. The pictures on the wall haunts us always in a cycle pattern started by our everyday life actions and instant feels due to the encounter and absorption of many factors. Some people are conscious of the pictures they see, they feel its subconscious modifications or would I say the Creator's mess in order to ease the pain of our existence in this human shape. Our life is a secret one, what the author is passing through is the imprisonment of one event or a series of event in the middle of a wall that will have to change the destiny's place of each picture, this pivotal change leads to never-been seen (to the author's) actions and feels, concentrated pains and crucial decision-making. End of the parenthesesTime is running away, our present time is in our past and killing nostalgia, future is confused by the paradoxical issues of our coming future.Therefore, different than before, our perception of time is consciously being perverted and we're participating in it by a sliding-feel of uncontrolable frustration. Girl and boy are ONE, the third-party is the net actually, divide and conquer to get the girl of your dreams in REALITY. Amen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    anonymous am sorry to tell you that you need guidance and please try to think of what you say before you write. cause dude damn you are wasted :Dbeebee as for you yis3id rabbik

  5. Anonymous says:

    true very true not miserable anymore…letting go and if anyone finds happiness please show me the yellow brick road to OZ !!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank u Beebeee … really nice one .. Talking about myself, I'm totaly lost when i'm thinking about the time issue: what is a right time to act on certine emotions?.. sometimes its too early to decide .. but most of the time its toooo late 🙂

  7. BeeBee says:

    "what the author is passing through is the imprisonment of one event or a series of event in the middle of a wall that will have to change the destiny's place of each picture, this pivotal change leads to never-been seen (to the author's) actions and feels, concentrated pains and crucial decision-making." If this quotation is directed to me, let me tell u something anonymous, you are totally mistaken. I am no longer a prisoner of what has happened or in other words, the really bad things that I have been through… Actually, and proudly, I have learnt to move on and in order to show my appreciation of each mishappening, I write about it, I talk about it, I discuss it… If u look deeper into each word, every thought and every sentence, the meaning of them will be clearer to u… What I try to do is share my experiences, and vent on other occassions, I do not direct my words to ANYONE, though many posts were inspired by many ppl I consider close to me (or at least I did consider at one point)…Don't try to put too much eefort in analyzing what I say cause it's very simple and straight to the point… I do not try to use philosophy of others, I use my own and that is what allowed me to stay on my feet up to this moment, and still believe…

  8. BeeBee says:

    As for everyone else, I do appreciate the positive feedback (and I really don't mind the constructive criticism at all). Every idea I present is "discussable" and I do realize that ppl see things differently and that is what I do when I present a thought or idea: I try to gather as much feedback as possible in order to learn and maybe benefit from the feedback when I publish my book (Inshallah). Thank you all for ur comments and feedback… Thank u for "taking the time" from whatever it is u do at that time !!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Try to be humble for once, if what you seem you have, faith, you wouldn't dare to act that way, and surely if you think this is how you spread your deep belief (in YOU or other energy-centers) I tell you, you got it right because you are acting as a mere mortal human being and not using what you have, what you are to transcend and exist.Unfortunately, as cold as you are in some ways, you always could use yourself other than posing.

  10. BeeBee says:

    Again, as I said before, I do actually like constructive criticism which is why I will not delete ur comment but rather ask u, what is it that u have against me? I mean i am trying to convince u, though I do not know who u r, that I do not wish or want to hurt or insult anyone in my writings… I just try to explain things from how I see them, my point of view (have u heard of freedom of speech???)I do not need to explain myself to u, whether I am humble or not, whether I am "a mere mortal being" or some wholly scared being, is not the matter of the argument! I share mt thoughts, u share ur feedabck on the thought itself, not me! Get it? 🙂

  11. BeeBee says:

    One more thing: who r u to judge if I am cold or not? U don't even know me! I guess u think u have got it all figured out don't u??? Well, sorry, but u r wrong!

  12. zeezazoo says:

    time has nothing to do with this love thing…it's not about time, if u know someone for a year, it's not necessary to fall in love with him cuz u know him for a year…but knowing someone for a week or a month is not enough… it's not about time, cuz u may know someone for a year but u don't talk to him or know his personal stuff for this whole year… it's not about time… the only thing time could do is to make things clearer for u… cuz usually, guys and girls are not who they really are when they r trying to make a new relation… they act in a way to make the other part love them!! they start liking what the other part like, or dislike what he/she dislike… they r acting!! and even after the relation start in a month or two, they both still act, they don't show the real them at all… u like basketball, oh i like basketball too, it's my favorite game, when in fact he/she has never watched basketball before ever!!!a guy is a saint and the girl is an angel… they all hate what the x-bf or x-gf did to the other part, and they make it sure that they r not like this at all and they'll never be like this ever!!! they were all victims to old love or to old bfs or gfs…same old stories… so time here and only time could make u know if this person is lying or not, if acting or not… why time? cuz if someone is acting, he/she will get bored of acting, specially if he/she got what he/she wants from the other part!!! so he/she will get back to normal and if the other part like it, ahla w sahla, if not, alla ma3ak!!!this is a waste of time and a waste of feelings and emotions… it's actually an emotion killer if i could say that!!! when u let people fool u, then who could u trust?! don't let them fool u so u could keep faith in people, humanity and love…time shows if the emotions r for real or just a tool to get what the person wants!!!i'm not talking about u beebee, i'm talking in general about people all over the world, cuz it's the same old shit wherever u go… sex and "making love" have ruinned the true simple meaning of love and ruinned the dreams and the belief in humanity and love these days!! it's sad… how people turnned into animals all of a sudden… we want to eat, drink and have sex!! only desires… no caring for others, no feelings for others, no respect, no nothing!! it's really sad to see the world turns into a big jungle and those who have sex and get gfs all the time thinks that they rule the world and that they r the best!!!we humans have better qualities than animals… we have a mind to know the right from wrong, and we have a heart that works with the mind to know what best for us and whose cheating on us or fooling us… we humans care for each other and give a damn about each other, even strangers… we have feelings, we have respect!!! we r not animals… i hope we don't all become animals one day with our actions, cuz that's how i see it…don't mix emotions with desires, a guy may see a sexy girl wearing sexy clothes, so he falls in love with her, when in fact he is only thinking about one thing!! don't mix desire with emotions at all… there's a biiiiiig diference!!

  13. Kamal says:

    Time is a side effect of the universe. would someone who has no time feel anything?Abul Zeez> i must say i respect your opinion and i hope you don't mind this minor interjection.in the grand scheme of things humans are not superior to animals. infact despite all the deniels, self-righteousness and arrogance humans are animals.walking, talking, fucking animals. we are the way we are because we needed to survive over hundreds of thousands of years.we needed to traverse long distances to find food and water. we need the most economical and efficient method of transportation. in ancient africa where food was scarce walking on two legs used a lot less energy than 4.also walking upright made talking and fucking a lot easier; the other skills required for our survival.because we didn't need a lot of muscle mass in our upper body to trans locate, a complex system of communication equipement was developed. not just in our chests but in our heads as well. even small things like our eyes developed secondary role for communication. the pupils got smaller, showing more white and thus enabling us to show more expressions.we developed bigger brains in order to survive and outsmart an extremely harsh environment. the big brain needed so much energy that we compromised on strength, speed, stealth, natural weapons, and most of our senses. the bigger brain enabled us to plan ahead and work together.reproduction is a supreme imperative for us because life was so difficult and so many did not survive. one hundred thousand years ago it was so difficult that we where almost extinct! scientists can trace everybody on the planet's DNA back to a group of ten to fifteen thousand humans living in a small part of africa 100000 years ago.it was so difficult that only those who could walk, talk and fuck the best survived. from these ten thousand humans we inherited almost everything we are today.i find it funny that we humans insist on being superior to everything else on the planet. we are not, we are not even very different.with the exception of two things you can find everything humans are in the animal kindom. war, terror, love, loyalty, communication, experience, art, science, even porn can all be found in animals. the only thing we have exclusivity is Math and Justice.a question for you, if we are so much higher than animals, then why do we see animals who loose 'friends' become sad? why do some animals mate for life? etc..there is no such thing as love on first sight, even lust on first sight is sketchy. very recently (in the past couple of decades) doctors and scientists have discovered that we humans share something else with animals. we have pheromone glands in our noses, we secrete pheromones and musk from our skins. love/lust on first sight is nothing more than a chemical compatibility! our base brain goes DING! and our higher brain translate it into infatuation and passion. here is where time plays it's part. although we are locked one hundred thousand years in the past with our biology, time still moves forward. without time there would be no chemical reaction. no change, no improvement, no entropy, no decay. unfortunately we can't have the good without the bad.yes it's true we have culture and civilization. but that is a secondary evolution we have developed because of the extra energy we now have. 40 thousand years ago things got better enough for the human race that we developed art, and civilization followed not long after.we are such complex creatures now that we add a secondary evolution to our biological need for reproduction. unfortunatly we fool ourselves into believing we are above our biology when in reality we are ashamed and trying to mask it.we can be as pure, and enlightened as we want. but until the point we can ascend and exist with out our bodies; we are just walking, talking, fucking machines. 🙂

  14. Kamal says:

    w00t! current score is:Beebee 2, Snarky Anonymous -5someone got wtfpwnd!

  15. zeezazoo says:

    kamal… hi, i guess u were watching too much discovery channel lately 🙂 just kidding!!listen, i know what u r talking about… i know that we r animals, and we might be monkeys or gorillas or fishes or whatever in our past…but since we've become different than animals in a lot of things, like science and intelegance and our way of thinking, we should not follow our instincts in a bad way… i was talking about those who fool girls to get what they want, cuz all what they think about is the sex!!i know we need food, water and sex to live… but they should not be used in a bad way…is it ok to steal food to eat when u can afford buying it?!?!we r not living in a jungle, we have rules, we have feelings, we have pure emotions, we have true love, we have care for others, care for other's heart and lives!!do u know how many girls changed their way of living because of guys who fooled them to get under their pants??? it's not a joke, this could destroy the life of a girl, this could ruin all her faith in love and humanity… till she becomes a "player" like the guys she dated!!!that's what i'm talking about… and in sex, we r definitely not like animals!! u know that some animals do it with their sisters, don't u?!?! cuz all they follow is their desires… we r not like that… we should not be like that ever, i hope so…and that we r walking, talking fucking machines, well, that's what is going to happen to us if we kept on acting the way we act these days!!p.s. i'm not only talking about guys who fool girls, cuz there r a lot of girls fool guys too… rebound sex!! rebound relation!! those who make the guy fall in love with them for his money, his car, and sometimes cuz he's sexy or good in bed!!

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