Too Fragile To Be Titled…

A young and very dear friend of mine called me tonight struggling to get out his words through the echoes of his throttled tears… He called to say he lost a friend of his a few hours ago in a car accident and needed someone to talk to…

Deep inside, I felt this sudden urge to cry to him, to drown in my own tears while I open up my heart and tell him what “black” thoughts have been juggling around my head recently…

The idea of death itself does not scare me, not when I think of it in relation to me. I am just scared “to death” that those who I love will die before I do and I pray to God that this never happens because I do not see myself coping with that, no matter how strong I am…

The word death, in itself, is such a ghastly word; its definitions do not seem to bear more ease either.

In the dictionary, death is defined as:

The permanent end of all life functions in an organism or part of an organism.
The event of dying or departure from life.
The time when something ends.

Before I go no, kindly keep in mind that I am not attempting to address this subject from a religious view, I am only seeking to arrange my million thoughts into words in order to bring myself some “closure” maybe.

Back to the main subject…

Why do you think we cry when we lose someone permanently?
Why is it so hard to believe that life could so easily be “terminated”?
What is the “right” way to act around a person suffering from that kind of loss?
Why can some of us cry when we lose a loved one while others can’t?
When does the pain of this loss cease? Does it ever?

I will stop here and hope that this post does not bring back painful memories to any of you…

I apologize in advance for any negative connotations…

Thank you again for being so patient with me…

To my dear friend: As I told you, I am here any time you feel you need to talk… I do promise to be a shoulder to cry on, a good listener and a warm and loving embrace…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to Too Fragile To Be Titled…

  1. Indaxi says:

    you know what Ar2our???ana kint fakkir mitlik,inno ma fine it7ammal inno 7ada b7ibbo ymout able,,bas kamein kint 3atoul fakkir inno,tab iza ana miteit abeil,,then yalle ana b7ibbon w bi7ibboune chou 7aysir fiyoun??7a yit7ammalo al fikra?7a yinsoune?ma32oul 7atta ana ma 2itdeya2 w 2iz3al 3a khsariton,2itmanna mout ablon w 7ammilon 2ilon hal za3al killo yalla ana kint 7a 7isso law meto able???i think inno ma fi 7al wasat,,bil 7altein ana 7a koun mdeya2.i know what you mean about "be shoulder to cry on" thank you for that,Walla,and im sorry for your friend,,Allah yir7am Rfi2o,hope ur all ok,tc

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