What A World!

The “Beard Championship”!

While millions of people are so tied up in their daily life routines and trying to juggle between their homes, jobs, families and their own personal space, others still do find the time do be creative and spend their time creating different cuts for their beards!

In Germany, REUTERS/ Alex Grimm reported the following event:

Some 200 participants from all over Europe took part in the International German Beard Championships in southern German village of Schoemberg March 24, 2007. The competition was held with different categories of moustaches, chin beards, whiskers and full beards. In the picture above, Willi Chevalier from Sigmaringen poses for this competition.


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One Response to What A World!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    i loved his beard…those people know how to live and enjoy life…

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