Double Standards & Balance…

I guess you all have heard this term being used on several occasions and you must have your own opinion regarding it… Allow me to share mine with you…

First of all, let me be clear on one point, I do not, in our society at least, believe that men and women should or could be treated equally. This is by far something close to impossible!

Now, the thing I do not agree with is those “double standards” that a boyfriend, a fiancé, a father, a brother or a husband sometimes lays for his girlfriend, daughter, sister and so on, especially if the female was at an age and a maturity level that allows her to make “right” and “mature” decisions regarding her whereabouts, her acquaintances and her way of dealing with people and situations.

Honestly, I am the kind of girl who sees jealousy as a very important element in a love relationship and I actually consider it as a way to demonstrate love and care yet I do not favor being “told what to do and what not to do” on the basis that I am a female!

I guess the idea I’m trying to demonstrate is how unfair society could be to females not due to the fact that they are less mature, less capable or inferior and only because they are “females” although I know many of them, like my mother for example, who can actually assume both the female and the male role in life and in building and maintaining a family.

So tell me something: why the double standards then?


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X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to Double Standards & Balance…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    first of all… i liked the pic… it's about balance?? 😀 :Dwhy the double standards?? well, i don't believe in these things, actually i've never talked to my sister or my mother or any female i know about standards… but sometimes, there r somethings here in our country, are not preferable for girls to do!!!but all i could do in these cases is to give advice, cuz after all, we are all adults here, and who knows, maybe i'm wrong, maybe we all think this thing is bad cuz that's what we hear, but we've never tried it before and we are not sure of the results!!when it comes to jealousy, well, this thing is between the two in the relation and how they feel about jealousy and how far it could go!!but over all, from my side, i don't believe in double standards…

  2. BeeBee says:

    Yes, I know how u think about this subject yet you are only one of the few men in the Arab world who actually thinks that way.I do not mean to attack anyone… I guess the society itself imposes this kind of thinking and thie course of action it follows! No man wants to be the "exception to a rule" because then people will, and they do, talk!

  3. yaser says:

    this is an important topic and you raise interesting points about the subject , I see things changing slightly in our societies in terms of more oppeness and gender equality ,ofcourse that depends on individual cases so one can't generalize ,but the overall drive is toward achieving greater balance in a relationship .

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