Mind & Body…

I have been meaning to write about this subject for a long time now but I didn’t quiet know how to approach it exactly, until today, when I woke up feeling very stressed and my stomach started aching me so badly!

Therefore, the objective of this piece of writing is to explain the strong and rather complex relation between the mind and the body and how every action in the mind can possibly have a reaction on the body: Psychosomatic disorders.

“Psychosomatic disorder is an illness whose symptoms are caused by mental processes of the sufferer rather than immediate physiological causes. If a medical examination can find no physical or organic cause, if an illness appears to result from emotional conditions such as anger, anxiety, depression and guilt, then it might be classified psychosomatic.
Very often, psychosomatic illness is influenced by external factors or players. Severe stress caused by factors in work, relationship, and family are known to cause dehydration, stomach or headaches, eczema, nausea, incontinence, or loss of hair.”

From this definition, it is obvious that there could be a very strong correlation between the mind and the body i.e. the psychological state and the physical state can be highly interrelated.

It seems rather strange and somehow interesting how those reactions differ from one person to another and from one situation to the other, which I guess makes each individual the “unique” entity he/she is.

Personally, I tend to greatly suffer from the strong relationship my mind has with my body! Moreover, most of the physical pains I get, whether in my stomach, in my left arm or as a headache, seem to be all results of stress, anger, sadness or even extensive thinking of certain “complex” issues!

On the other hand, I know many people, friends and acquaintances, who do not specifically have this reaction towards stressful or anger related issues.

Finally, I just have one to add one point. I do condemn these reactions though I rather appreciate them! I condemn them because they are painful and they have caused me to enter the hospital on several occasions! Yet, I do appreciate this relation my body and mind maintain, it is, as I feel, wholly and sacred.


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to Mind & Body…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    i dunno what to tell u… i just wish our relation could be as wholly and sacred as the relation between ur mind and body… but without all the pain…i wish all ur pain could just go away from ur body and mind…and as an article, it's interesting… i liked it… the human body is strange… and the psycological issues can really affect on the person's health in a bad way, sometimes more than real diseases…god be with u my friend…and try to take it easy…

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