Just Another Morning…

Yeah well, this is just another morning… Nothing special about it, it is actually rather very similar to any other: a few shouts, many tears, more disappointments, enormous anger and deeper confusion!

It seems to me that things rarely change and people as well… Things just stay the same way they are… Our perception is what changes so we see the “bad” things as alright after a while and the “good” things stop having a meaning!

I know what you’re going to say next: Beebee, why are you so pessimistic? Be more positive! Yeah, well you know what? I am so damn tired of playing cat and mouse with my destiny and with everyone involved in it! I am so sick of it all! I am sick to my guts from everything that has been going on recently that I feel that my insides are ripping apart!

I want to scream! Scream at everything that is causing this state of mind, I want to shout, curse, break, or just sit alone and cry… Cry like so many times before or maybe as if it was the first time I ever cry!

Nothing seems to have any meaning anymore… Nothing…

Lies, and more lies are all that I hear…

I am, yet again, so tired… SO TIRED!!!!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to Just Another Morning…

  1. Indaxi says:

    you need to have a vacation,,you need to go out with a true friends,you need to go to a concert were you can scream very loud,and it seem's to you like if you r whispering,you need to stand up in a car goin on 190-200 km/hr with a roof top open,and the air is messing with your hair,giving you the feeling of the flying bird,you need a warm hug,like the one you talked about earlier,you need to get over some peoples hurted you b4,you need to enjoy your time when you are going out,and you need to confess that you did,,you dont need,but you deserve to be happy,cos Ar2our i know that the moments you spend in tears and cry and sadness is more then the moments you spend in laugh and smile and happiness in your life time,i dont know how i can help,i dont know if i can,i dont know if you let me,i dont know if it's alloud,all what i know is : I CANT see you like this,just read what u write and just forget about it,cos when u write such things,i swear that i can see how u look like,i saw u b4,and that hurted me wallah,and it still hurt,Ar2our even with distance,u can control our mood,we'r happy if you are,we'r sad when you cry.

  2. zeezazoo says:

    what a morning!!!calm down…it's not just another morning… ur mornings used to be so different… i remember u used to wake up, turn ur pc on, go make nescafe, go back to the computer, chat, and u always end the chat because u have to go to visit the ambassador 🙂 then u go to work, smile, act crazy and have some fun 😀 and sometimes u used to model 😀 :Dthose r the mornings i remember u having!!anyway, u r not a morning person, so don't stress that much on it 😀 keep on believing in the night time.. it's better :)and hey, if u want to scream, just scream, don't keep it inside, but try to go to an abandoned place and scream as much as u like :Dtake it easy sweets… and good luck…miss ya!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a deprived guy , all the world is stabbing him with sharp yet vague words.Crime scene :The undeniable Existance of the Soul

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