A Few Words About Mom…

Ok, so enough anger and depression for a while… Let me tell you about someone really precious I’ve known my whole life… My mom…

Well, before I go into details of why she is such a “unique” mom, I want to get this off my chest: I still can not comprehend the reason behind mom “nagging” to me about getting my license when, up till this morning, and after I got my license, she refuses to give me her car!

Now that I got that out of my system, let me tell you, just a little, about my mom…

Mom is one of the most hard working and determined women I have known in my life… She has a strong will to live, to give and do her most…

Though she hides it so well, mom is also one of the most warm-hearted women God has created… She is so sweet and caring (I know that because I see how she plays with our old and crooked cat, Lara – he’s a male by the way!)

I guess I feel some kind of guilt because my relationship with mom has never been even close to “perfect” except when I was living abroad… I remember how she used to send me potatoes to Lebanon sometimes (and we all know how Lebanon does have that at least!) I also remember her calls and how she used to ask about my grades then everything else! And right before hanging up, I could feel the pain in her voice, which she tried to hide all the time, I could feel that she misses me, the “not so good” daughter, and I could feel how much she needed me to be strong… From all the way here in Jordan, she was the only reason for me to always try to do my best and be the most I could be…

Now, mom is sitting, working as usual, because at some point in life I guess, work becomes an escape from anything and everything… Even from us, her children!

On Mother’s Day, today, I just want the whole world to know that although I complain about the car and about a million other things, I do thank God that I have my mom and I wouldn’t want any other mom, not even a mom that cooks instead of working or one which has more time to sit and talk to me… No other mom can, could or would do…

I love you mom…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to A Few Words About Mom…

  1. Indaxi says:

    God bless your mom Ar2our,,i know what you mean cos i lived in her house for 10 days,and i hardly met her,,nyway,just wanna Wish her a Happy mother's day,Alla ykhallilik yeha ya biib,,nighty

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