Hugs? Anyone?

This post was inspired from a piece of writing a friend of mine posted on her facebook account… The main subject of her post was the importance of a hug! I will further talk about this and explain how important such a three letter word could be for millions of people all around the world, including myself!

A simple word could change our mood, an innocent smile is able to set our soul at ease, a hug can make us feel safe and fill our hearts with warmth once again…

What is a hug?

Even the dictionary recognizes the vitality of a hug through its definition of it:
A hug is an embrace; it is to squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness.

As the encyclopedia states: a hug is “perhaps one of the oldest and most important forms of affection. Its roots can be traced to many thousands of years ago. It is not a feature peculiar to human beings alone as there are many species of animals, which engage in a similar exchange of warmth.
It’s the exchange of warmth usually arising out of joy or happiness at meeting someone. It is practiced in almost all nations, countries, religions and sects.
A hug is also exchanged as a sign of support, comfort and love. It has powerful capabilities that can create lasting bonds of unquestionable strength.”

Through generations, I believe that the hug, just like many things we do, was “passed on” to us in a way that never allowed us to think: Why do we hug our children when they are crying? Why do we hug our parents when we miss them? Why do we even hug our partners when we see them? Why do we hug our friends when they feel down?

As I see it, a hug is one of the rawest yet purest forms of affection. It is the fastest way to give and receive love, safety and support. What makes it really unique is that a hug may be one of the few ways that someone could give and receive love without any “sexual” reference.

Finally and after I have talked, and thoroughly, about his subject… Think about this:

When was the last time you hugged those who you love?
When was the last time you’ve been hugged?


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