People: Their Lies & Masks…

Before I start typing away my thoughts, I want everyone who reads this to excuse my “harsh” accusations and maybe “uncalled for” stereotyping and again stress on the reason for this blog: expressing how I feel and trying to find some point of common grounds with those who might feel slightly or greatly the same. Therefore, in advance, accept my apologies…

People are made up not of cells, flesh and bone; they are made up of lies! Lies which vary in severity, size, weight and volume! Lies which differ when they come out as spoken words!

The larger, heavier and more severe the lies are, the worse that person is! The smaller, lighter and less severe the lies are, the better the person turns out to be!

People spend their whole lives wearing masks! I will list 3 types below:

Animal masks: used by Africans to connect with the spirit of the world.
The shameful mask: to hide stupidity and ignorance.
The iron mask: used for torture.

As I believe, people nowadays mostly wear the “shameful” masks to hide not only their ignorance but their lack of feelings and their constant need to mock others and their feelings. Only a few hundreds use the iron mask as a way to torture themselves for the mistakes they or others made.

So, what am I getting to you might wonder?

According to me, people try so hard to hide who they really are from each other because they know; deep inside, that they are liars by default! Only those who reveal themselves to others find out that they are similar and therefore they can connect!

Why would I say that?

Well, this is the morale of two recent stories I’ve experienced recently (putting all other stories aside!): It is really easy for people to say words because words don’t cost anything, they are free of charge! Yet, when it comes to actions, which supposedly speaks louder than words, people “chicken out”, “back down”, or accidentally remove their masks to reveal their REAL priorities!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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2 Responses to People: Their Lies & Masks…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    when people reach to the point when they reveal who they really are to each other, then this is a good relation with an amazing base… cuz they r both living with open hearts, open minds, open thoughts and open intentions… they both know how each other think and what they really mean with their thoughts…masks!! masks = lies…masks = bad thoughts…masks = bad intentions…masks are really bad… i don't recommend anyone to use them… cuz it's like cheating and misleading those u r dealing with…

  2. Indaxi says:

    3ala add ma bta3rfe al chakheis,3ala add ma fike tsadd2e 7akyo,,,cos 3ala add ma bta3rfi,3ala add ma bitsire tousa2e fi,,so i guess inno al 2oussa killa khassa bil trust,,w i know inno this days ktir so3ib tla2e chakheis tousa2e fi,,w that's why most of words is a lie for you,,ma azde b you inte ya Bee,,cos killna bil hawa sawa,,w BTW,zakkartine bil matal yalle bi2oul: mnitdayyan ta nitzayyan,,hayde mitel 2oussit al mask,,ya3ne yalle 3am t2ouli mazbout.

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