Our World!

As I rummage through newspapers, new channels and I in silence I fall!
Our world feel like its crumbling down, we are all blinded and in thrall!
Innocents are killed every single day for no reason or rationale…
Ethics lost their way and people misplaced their morale!
Everyone cares for the one and only thing they believe
in “themselves”!
They stack everything and everyone else, just like books, on old shelves!
The world lost its virtue and tears just keep running down but no one cares!
No more shouts for salvation, no more silent prayers!
This world has become a jungle where only the fierce can survive!
Tenderness, love and purity can no more hold on and for recognition strive!
The beauty of everything was stripped and all that’s left is ugliness and sin!
A true smile was obligatorily replaced and substituted with a sharp grin!

So tell me something now, if the world outside has turned against us what can we fragile humans do?
How can we face what’s to come, the bad, the evil and the sin? How can we pull through?

*Thrall: the state of being under the control of another person.


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to Our World!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    by faith…keep ur faith beebee…keep ur faith in humanity… in green medows… in the beautiful sounds of birds singing… butterflies flying… children laughing and playing on the streets…keep ur faith in all the good things in life, cuz they r there, but the bad news and the struggles between tv stations these days to broadcast the bad news and the killing news first on their news programs has dominated our channels and our lives…try to read news from yahoo, entertainment, there r a lot of good news in this world that can make our faith stronger and stronger…

  2. Anonymous says:

    How? By just living according to what you have expressed here and now, and it goes far more beyond.Today to live within our own evolutionary normal pattern, we have to let go nearly all the means that are pulling us down, one of which is tech-alienation.But the problem is the constant symptom we are living on a daily basis: Void. No man or woman wants to share anymore, because one say:"why should I do it, if he didn't do it to me in the first place" Here comes friendship a concept with no meaning these days or Love and Altruism. Living according to it, resisting I 'd say ironically by putting an obligation on the person of our choice, or many that we consider friends, we start to change us and them. The feeling of it is excellent, but with it comes all the schizophrenic elements of our world, so it turns out to be a nearly hurtful and damaging process to be "in" others, this way, you may not have many friends, but you would know that maybe if you live according to it, it can affect beyond what you can imagine. It's unexplainable. Our life demands it and those out there that feel they have something to say and give and share most importantly work on yourself not to turn it down, or to be turned down alone, and just putting the arms down, it's a destiny and a fate one is cursed to live with. I hope someday, and I know that all the bleakness and gloomy situation each is living in, in denial, or admitting it, will turn out to be a magical thing, yes magical as in fairy tales, when each one gives to everyone they know a touch of they have and leave things work out themselves, many years later, it will show its consequences.Just Believe!

  3. Dr. Tantawy says:

    it really hurts .. well , maybe as zeezazoo said .. its faith .. 🙂 but let me be specified .. its faith in GOD .. allah will never let us down .. even with some BAD MEMORIES and TERRIBLE EVENTS .. the right end will come soon i didnt ever liked the charachter of religous advicor ,but let me tell you a part of the quran .. to be frank i dont know if u are a muslim or not .. but all i seek is the meaning of these words .. its in ( soret el ankabot ) .. allah says :أحسب الناس ان يتركوا ان يقولوا امنا و هم لا يفتنونit means that : did poeple ever thought that they will be free to say ( in god we faith ) with out facing troubles those examine thier faith !!hope i was helpfull any way :))keep shiny 🙂

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