My Sun….

The sun shined on the 3rd of March, 2007….

This is the first time it makes an appearance on this day: My birthday…

I hope that it will bring to me all the warmth I need to go on….

I pray that this will be a new beginning….

I am grateful for being loved….

I am actually indebted for being alive…

For the first time in years, I feel pure serenity….

Thank you sun… Thank you all….


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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4 Responses to My Sun….

  1. zeezazoo says:

    🙂 the sun… it has been ur "3o2deh" for years 😀 :Dbut i guess u took full use of it today… nice tan by the way…i hope this is a new begining for u… a good one, full of joy, love and success.. and may all ur wishes come true…

  2. BeeBee says:

    Thaaaaank u so much for everything… U guys are a gift!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Talking about the Sun!Yesterday's Lunar Eclipse concentrated Beebee's incenses in it to spread it all over the Arab World.

  4. Feras othman says:

    *******/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/****happy birthday beirut :)****/!@#$%^&*()_(*&^%$$$#!@#$%^&*(^&%$#@!$%*(&)(^%$#$@^&*()_+(()*&%R^%$#)(*&)(*&&^%^$##@(so you are pisces and its also in march like me ,,:) w ana 2arab my birthday kaman 😉 its in days too on the 7th of march )@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@$!%$^*&)(_*)(*)(*)_*)(*)(*(^&^%#%$@$#^%^)(**_)()_)*)(*_)(_))()(&%@

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