A Relationship….

A relationship can be described as two people holding one stick…

At some times, the stick is short and the partners can look deep into each other’s eyes and inside their souls…. They can feel the love and the passion…

At other times, the stick is too long and vision becomes blurry… The partners can’t see each other any more; they can’t feel the connection…

Yet, most importantly, they NEVER let go of that stick, because when they do, then it is over for good…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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6 Responses to A Relationship….

  1. raed says:

    sometimes its just better to let go when the stick is too long…

  2. yaser says:

    interesting analogy ,i think it also denotes flexibility that is if one partner pull the stick you have let go a little so as to never lose the connection in the relationship

  3. zeezazoo says:

    well, i guess the stick here symbolize the connection and the understanding in the relationships…when the stick is too long, then there is no connection anymore and the understanding is gone…the worst part is if one of these two people is using this stick for a bad purpose, so u see him/her making this stick short sometimes and a lot of other times long… depends on the need and the desire… this is the worst part… so it's better to let this stick go when u feel it's getting too long…

  4. BeeBee says:

    Thanks guys for your comments… They are always welcomed! Though this time, I don't agree with Raed and Zeezazoo… U shouldn't let go of the stick when it gets too long, you should let go of it when it is long for durations that are way too much more than the shorter duration! I think I complicated it! 🙂 Yaser! It's beena long time! Hope ur doing well!

  5. Anonymous says:

    no u didnt,cos 3ade inno yimro2 2aw2at ykouno b3ad w 2aw2at ykoune 2rab,bas mich la wa2eit tawil,aslan heik bisiro byichte2o,w bta3rfe chou kamein,bas ballacheit 2i2ra w abeil ma 2ousal la ekhir part,tkhayaleit inno law keno hal 2 persons bi ma7al 3atem,w ma cheyfin ba3ed,w ma 3arfenin adde 2rab or b3ad,2ayya wa7ad fiyo b 2ayya la7za,byi2dar inno chid al stick,chou ma kein naw3a,w y2arrib al chakheis yalle m2abilo aktar w aktar,nharik sa3id.

  6. zeezazoo says:

    hey beebee…what i meant is if the stick kept on getting longer and longer, which means staying like this for a long time, then u should let go… sure u can't give everything up just because there was no connection for a short time… cause i do believe that people no matter how much they knew each other, they still don't know everything about each other and sometimes they feel they r lost so they give each other some time…but if one of these two thought of letting this stick go and thought about it for real, not just in a moment of anger, then i guess it's better if he/she let go…

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