Writer’s Block!

Good morning everyone…

It is a cold and gloomy Friday morning, which, to tell you the truth, does not inspire writing much yet I feel that it has been a while since I last wrote anything so I think I owe it to you and to myself some “entertainment”!

You see the problem with “writers” (yes, I do consider myself one!), is that every once in a while they get what they call “a writer’s block”, it is when you either have nothing to write about and you lose your muse, or you have no way of expressing the many things you can write about!!

I am currently experiencing the second one!

I do go to work every day from 9:30 till 6 , 7 or even 8 and I do around a million thing each day such as going to my already scheduled meetings, setting up new ones, some marketing here, some editing there, some translation here and there, some follow ups, etc.

During this long and usually exhausting day, many small incidents inspire me to write:

The little girl selling chewing gum in the rain, at the traffic lights.
The starring grocer right who is always situated next to the entrance of the building.
The man driving by with his mobile phone in one hand while the other hand is clenching on to a cigarette!
All those people going somewhere: university, work, home, etc.
My colleagues and how humble they are.
The cab drivers who once are quiet and keep to themselves and some other time just talk and talk or sing along to whatever music is playing on the radio!
The thoughts of my life: How can I make it better? When will it change? What should I do?

I guess you get the point by now!

So, with all the above ideas circulating around my mind, and notice this: we only use 25% capacity of our brains, it becomes harder and harder to choose one subject and talk about it! Thus, I end up writing nothing which is kind of ironic!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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4 Responses to Writer’s Block!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    well… it's a long day… a lot of incidents… but what do they inspire u to write?!?! what do these things bring to ur mind when u see them or hear them?!well, i guess each one of us have his own long day of working, and many incidents that happens to us each and everyday…now, why r u trying to change that?? why do u think that u could make this better?? do u think this is hard?! do u think this is bad?!as long as u r having a good time after work, and on the weekends, then u r having a good life and i don't think there's anything to change… cause we all get tired from working and we all have million of things to do each day… and the better u r, the more responsibilities u have… if people, or lets say ur boss didn't trust in u, and how good u r, he wouldn't give u that much work to do… and even in ur personal life, when ur friends or boyfriend asks for more from u, it's because they know that u can give them what they want… and when ur bestfriend asks u to smile and to forget all the small bad things in ur life, it's because he knows that u can smile and that u can enjoy life but u r running in a hard time and u need a good friend to guide u to the right bath of joy and happiness… i hope u could enjoy every little good incident that happens in ur life each day as much as u hate the bad ones, and u'll have a better life… u'll smile more and u'll love it more… just try to be positive and life will be positive with u…remember, when u cry u cry alone, when u laugh the whole world laughs with u…

  2. BeeBee says:

    Listen, all this I call "poetic justice"! Meaning: yeah, it would be fine if the whole week was hard and u get two days in the week or at least a few hours every evening as a break but that never happens and ur so stuck in ur own mind to see that! U think that once people leave work, everything is better, as if nothing happened during the day and they can forget about it and enjoy the rest of the evening, but that doesn't happen! If u get a crazy man and seat him next to a logical and sane person, what would happen? Probably, the sane man will lose it, not the other way round! What if both men were insane? Disasters will happen! Think about that and plz forget this "poetic justice" and utopia u live in… Things are more complicated than u seem to believe!

  3. zeezazoo says:

    well, i've been working for 3 days in a raw without sleeping, 72 hours without sleeping, just sitting infront of the computer and working and working, not talking to anybody or anything… but for a couple of hours during these 72 hours, i went to have dinner with a friend, it was fun, i forgot about the other 70 bad hours i had… i just try to see the good things that happens in my life… cause if i wanna do the opposite, i'll die, i'll get insane for sure…all i'm trying to do is to be possitive in this life… no utopia no nothing… live is hard, life is a b*****, but we have to live it one way or another, so i'm trying the possitive way, that's all…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dont you think that our life is like :Big tank,Janzir kbir ,,w hayde al tank mechye bi sahel mazrou3 amei7,,bas al ared killa rotbe,,kil ma baram al janzir 3al areid,byi2ba3 al amei7,byi3la2o bil janzir,byibrmo ma3 al janzir kam marraw in the end,byintarako wara al tank,,well ana for me,i feel inno 7ayete hiye mitel al wa2eit yalle bikoun fi al amei7 m3alla3 3al janzir,,marra bkoun mad3ous beit al 7adid w al rameil,,w marra bkoun on the top,,cos bkoun min al up side te3it al janzir,,w i know inno sooner or later life will throw me out waraha w byikhlas dawre 3al janzir,,but u have to remember inno al tank kenit mechye min abeil,w chi will always be mecheye 7atta ba3ed ma tkibbna waraha,,so you know what??dont you vere trust her,,just to your best,,try to smell the good wind when you are on the top,think ony of your self,cos you cant do nything for other,inno u can make them smile,happy,sad,agressive,angry,nything,,but u can never change them,cos in some moment,,ba3ed kil chi bta3mli for them,,chaghle zghire bitghayiron w bitkhallion yirja3o la aslon,,i guess u heard about : al tabi3 saba2 al tatabbo3,,,so ana bra2ye inno u,,ur self is what you have to think about,,and then u can think about others,,and believe me inoo hayda manno 3ayb w dont believe them iza aloulik inno if u did that bitkoune bit7ibbe 7alik w selfish,,ok,,nharak sa3id Ar2our.

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