Families Inc.!

Just a while ago, less than 10 minutes back, I had this really interesting conversation with someone so precious and dear. This conversation was extremely brief yet it stimulated many ideas relating to humans and their way of conducting life!

The main subject of the conversation was families, from here; I will call this piece of writing: Families Inc.!

As we were talking about the usual things we talk about each morning: how we both slept, what we had for breakfast, what were our plans for the next few hours, he mentioned something about having to go visit his uncle because “his twins were turning 2 today”… This was the turning point of the conversation.

He said: Well, you know how big families are. We are committed to many occasions!

I said, jokingly: Well then, I guess you should remind me to say no when you propose because if this is the way things will be, we will never have one private moment for us!

He smiled and continued to say: Well, in our family, there is always a special occasion or event to attend:
Someone gets married, someone gives birth, the baby grows a tooth…
Or, someone graduates from school, gets accepted in university, graduates from university…
Or, someone buys a new house, someone else buys something new for his old house…
Or, someone just feels like popping by for breakfast, another for lunch, a third for a cup of tea…

We are a big family, and we do have this close connection which is why we have this responsibility!

After hanging up, I stood in a moment of silence, contemplating…
I do not comprehend the importance of these things and I can not judge whether they are “very important”, “important”, or “unimportant”.

I do believe people do set their priorities in life and I do know that families are a priority but I also know how exhausting it can get to be in every family occasion, especially if you have a job that requires so much time and effort from you, disregarding your your own social life that is! I also know that sometimes after work, all I want to do is come back home and lay in bed and do absolutely nothing!

What do you think?


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to Families Inc.!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    if i wanna go home everyday after work and do nothing, then i will not do a thing in my life…u always have to arrange sometime for ur family and friends and bf…cause they r important and they help u forget all about the hard work and the bad day u had… that's why people have friends, and that's why u need to see other people, u can't just go to work, then get back home and sleep, then get back to work the other day, it's like living in prison…and u'll get used to life after work, it's hard sometimes, but it's worth it… and i guess u know that, when u have a good time after work, it makes u forget all about this life and who lives in it…i hope u had a good time last night and i hope u have a good time today as well…enjoy the weekend princess..

  2. raed says:

    i think it all depends on whether u are doing these things because you 'have to' or simply 'want/like to' do them.nice blog you have, i'll sure be popping by…

  3. Anonymous says:

    alright….interesting subject…. very interesting indeed. If i can put it in colors… your friend might be black….. going back home every night and depriving yourself from any social commitment, I'll name it white… then… there are all the colors in between black & white…. correct?Now, what do you want to be? It's up to you… black, white, blue, red or even green. However, make sure that whoever that person that will propose (and somehow you decide to say yes!) is positioned very close to where you decide to be on the color nuances. That's if you want to have a successful long lasting relationship. Don't bet on changing the person… that's a definite losing bet.Back to reality… how long can you sustain an exhausting, time consuming job? There's no right answer here…. however, don't you think It's nice to stop once in a while and smell the roses even if you don't have a garden?

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